The Audi B8.5 S4, also commonly known as the B8 S4 Facelift, is a 3.0T FSI-powered, 329hp example of Audi’s superior engineering. Its massive torque and respectable power are huge draws towards the B8.5, which makes it one of the more popular models chosen by ECS customers to modify. Many of the first modifications are oriented around more power, better brakes, aggressive wheels, and loud exhaust. We absolutely love our beefed-up B8.5 S4, but what honestly ties the whole package together are the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) carbon fiber visual upgrades which tell passersby that your supercharged Audi is more than the standard S4. ECS offers a wide range of carbon fiber modifications, all designed and developed by our crack engineering team, that will help you tell the story of your Audi’s power and prowess without ever having to speak a word.

Front Lip

Our first addition to the B8.5 S4 adorns the front fascia with a beautifully hand-laid Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler. The first place many see is the naturally aggressive countenance of the supercharged sedan, so an important area of modification is that front bumper. The addition of our exclusive in-house design provides a curious and complex enhancement to the lower portion of the bumper cover while it also follows the factory contours closely. Think of this lip like you would a perfect garnish of herbs and spices on already appetizing eggs Benedict. It just fits and makes the whole experience complete.

Grille Accents and Overlay Sets

Moving north of the spoiler, but maintaining our focus on the front end, the Carbon Fiber Grill Accents and Carbon Fiber Fog Light Grille Overlay Sets compliment the new Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler and give the cheekbones a pronounced look reminiscent of Kate Moss in her prime. The angular accents protrude ever so slightly with a smooth, yet angular, grace. Sitting just below the fog lights to further the theme of carbon lateral lines are the Fog Light Grille Overlays. These simple yet noticeable shelves match perfectly with the carbon lip and cheeks in a gorgeous tremolo of parallel lines of artfully laid carbon weaves. The completed set of all three front bumper cover visual upgrades provide a unique aesthetic to which admirers’ gazes will undoubtedly gravitate.

Trunk Spoiler

With the front of the B8.5 thoroughly sprinkled with carbon fiber, we can direct our attention to the rear of the vehicle. An ever-popular modification to any performance car is a ducktail-style trunk spoiler. Our contribution to the world of aftermarket spoilers offers a unique and exclusive design tailored to perfectly match the existing trunk contours. The ECS Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler protrudes nearly vertically as a slim and suave extension of the trunk; just a slight stroke of ornate beauty left by the mark of a calligraphy master’s quill as it leaves the paper. The ease of installation for this tail further adds to its attractiveness as a visual upgrade, as in minutes your B8.5’s profile can enjoy a brand new look.

Antenna Cover

Before returning to aero components, we want to briefly direct your eyes to the antenna ‘shark fin’ delicately placed above the rear glass. This portion of the B8.5 is what we would call an afterthought by the original designers. The unattractive blemish doesn’t have to appear tacky, though, with our Carbon Fiber Antenna Cover you can continue the theme of carbon and furnish an intentional look and feel to the otherwise forgotten antenna.

Mirror Caps

Furthermore, the loss of true brushed stainless steel mirror caps after the B6 S4 model has been a somewhat saddening change to the Autobahn-stormer. While that may be a detriment to the factory appearance of the B8.5, our Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps replace the plastic caps with striking carbon fiber alternatives. The carbon weave may not harken back to the stainless caps from older Audi S4’s, but they certainly drive the theme of race-inspired, luxury, tasteful carbon weave home.

Side Blades

The previous carbon additions have bestowed an exotic aspect to the S4, but our efforts to truly meet aggressively angry styling with beautiful refinement require we complete the motif. Our Carbon Fiber Side Blade Extensions widen the appearance of the vehicle while giving a knife-edge feel to both flanks. These blades match perfectly with the front lip spoiler and continue the congruent lines which act like a carbon fiber shadow that extends from the underside of the Audi to the ground. This achieves the look of being nearly in contact with the ground and reminds us of the original concept artwork for the B8.5 S4.

Rear Diffuser

Finally, placed under the rear bumper cover is our Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser. The sharp fins bulging from the overlay which channel air from under the car and split the area of pressure both function as clever design improvements and aero at high speeds. The diffuser also finishes off the carbon fiber lines surrounding the lower portion of the B8.5 on all corners, giving the car a completed look and bulkier stance.

All the Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is the perfect way to add visual design changes to your B8.5 without adding weight and hint tastefully at the power which may lie underneath the skin of the car. Our exquisite carbon art, which is exclusive to ECS, brings a new look to the already visually striking German performance sedan. These upgrades will surely bring a smile to the face of any enthusiast who may see them. Each piece is hand-laid to perfection to ensure your new visual upgrades match the quality of which Audi owners know and expect from their vehicle and designed right here by our fantastic Research & Development department to guarantee precision and beauty. Make sure your Audi B8.5 S4 exterior isn’t left bare as you modify the engine, brakes, and suspension. ECS Tuning exclusive carbon fiber visual upgrades are an important part of your balanced barnstormer.

Ducktail on its own

Just the lip spoiler

Lip spoiler and grille accents

Lip spoiler, grille accents, and fog light overlay sets

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Carbon FIber Visual Upgrades