The Project

Today we are going to install our ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber Paddle Shift Extension Set into a Post-Facelift Audi B8 RS5. These Paddle Shift Extension Sets have been meticulously designed by our engineers to provide a product which can be easily installed on top of the factory paddles, without compromising their feel or operation. These paddles will provide some serious eye candy for your interior, and they feature precision-cut openings to allow the OE backlit “-” and “+” symbols to shine through. Best of all these paddles only require a #1 size Phillips Screwdriver to install. Thank you for looking to ECS Tuning for all your performance and repair needs, we appreciate your business!

Kit Contents


Step 1

Begin by lowering the steering wheel and pulling it out as far as it will go.

Step 2

Turn the steering wheel 90º clockwise so that the downshift paddle is facing upwards.

Step 3

First remove the backing plate and screws from the paddle shift extension, be careful to not lose the screws since they are extremely small. Place the downshift paddle extension on top of the OE paddle (LH photo), then align the paddle backing plate as shown (RH photo).

Step 4

#1 Phillips Screwdriver

Loosely install the four screws which secure the paddle backing plate to the paddle extension, but DO NOT fully tighten them. These screws must remain loose until we align the “-” symbol on the OE paddle with the “-” slot in the paddle extension.

Step 5

The illustration on the right represents what you will see while aligning the “-” symbol on the OE paddle with the “-” slot in the paddle extension. With the backing plate screws loose, move the paddle extension around until this symbol is fully visible through the slot.

Step 6

#1 Phillips Screwdriver

Tighten the backing plate screws until they make contact + 1⁄8 turn (DO NOT overtighten these screws). Repeat these steps to install the upshift paddle extension.

Carbon Fiber Cleaning and Care

ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber products are clear coated for excellent finish durability and UV resistance right out of the box. Carbon fiber can be washed with any gentle cleanser or soap. If it is safe for the paint on your car, it will be safe for the carbon fiber. Be extra careful not to nick or deeply scratch the clear coat on the carbon fiber. This can lead to water intrusion into the carbon fiber which will damage the finish. If the clear coat does get nicked or deeply scratched to expose the carbon fiber, seal the damaged area thoroughly with a clear coat touch up or clear nail polish. To retain UV resistance and protect the finish, we recommend regular waxing with a high quality caranuba wax. Small surface scratches and light oxidation can be buffed out using the same methods and cautions you would use on the vehicle paint.

Interested in purchasing?

ECS Paddle Shifter Extension Set

A clamp-on style carbon fiber upgrade featuring a high gloss finish


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