Replace the old and worn grilles, or just add style and individuality to your BMW E46 in only a few minutes of your time by installing our ECS Tuning Blackout Grilles: Our line of fender grilles offer the following features:

• Constructed of durable, impact resistant, 100% ABS plastic
• Simple Installation, requiring only one small flat blade screwdriver or pick
• Perfect Fit
• Available in two different finishes
• Grilles include a template and bezels for installation on non-M fenders

Part Numbers: ES#2826377, ES#2608700


Step 1:

Each fender grille is held in place by four plastic retainers that are part of the fender grille itself.

Step 2:

Look closely at the bottom of the fender grilles and you will see the lower retainers. We have highlighted one in this picture. Each of the lower retainers has a cutout in the end to allow you to insert a tool for removal.

Step 3:

As an additional reference, the picture on the right of the removed grille shows the two lower retainers.

Step 4:

Now, to remove the original grille, insert a small screwdriver or pick through the cutout in each bottom retainer, then gently push downward on the handle of the tool. This will lift the retainer up to release it from the fender.

As you release the lower retainers, pull up on the bottom center of the grille. Work patiently, alternating back and forth between the lower retainers and keeping upward pressure on the bottom center of the grille.

As soon as both lower retainers are released from the fender, the grille will pivot upwards and you can then unhook the upper retainers and remove the grille.

Step 5:

The new grilles will come installed inside a bezel. Remove the grilles from each bezel. The bezels are only used when installing these on non-M fenders. There is a template included as well to allow you to mark non-M fenders for cutting.

Step 6:

Install the new fender grille into place and push it in until you hear the audible “click” of each tab engaging into the fender.

Step 7:

If you do not hear the “click” of the tabs engaging or if you are not sure if the grille is fully seated, look closely at the fingers on the ends of the grille and make sure they are tight against the fenders. If they are not, then the grille is not fully seated in the fender.

Step 8:

Dress up your new Blackout Fender Grilles by ordering an M3 or CSL badge from ECS Tuning.

M3 Fender Grille Badge: ES#78299 CSL Fender Grille Badge: ES#2931684

Your Blackout Fender Grille Installation is complete!

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Blackout Fender Grille

Add style and individuality to your E46 M3 in minutes