Most enthusiasts will agree that their car is part of the family. We all love our cars and the relationships we are able to build with them, but modification is what we do. The process of customizing, maintaining, and improving the functions and appearance of our cars is cathartic in a way. Just as adding more aggressive brakes or fitting performance suspension changes the driving dynamics of your vehicle, the electrical ‘convenience’ functions hidden in your onboard computer can give you added enjoyment. Carista brings us an OBD2 adapter dongle that pairs wirelessly with your Android or iOS device to give you diagnostic readouts, customizable function toggles, and reset service indicators.

The Carista Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter allows you to customize your car to your liking from the comfort of your own phone with an app available on both Google Play and Apple AppStore. With the in-app services, you can change vehicle specifics all the way from comfort access features to how long you want a one-touch blinker feature to stay on, depending on your car’s make and model.

Carista features more than just comfort and convenience customization: safety access to your vehicle including only unlocking the driver’s door with a first click of the remote button, the duration your doors stay unlocked when you start driving, and remote window access. With the Carista OBD2 Adapter, you have full control of your vehicle’s functions down to your preferences, but it does more than just make your car more enjoyable.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Carista Adapter is the access to manufacturer-specific diagnostic information. The app gives you the ability to access ABS, airbag, navigation, and unlocks your ability to reset your warning lights associated with those factory safety features. This, of course, is dependent on whether your vehicle is supported by this function.

Even if you are just looking for something to tell you what may be wrong with your car and save yourself a headache and expensive trip to the dealership, the Carista Adapter is definitely worth having. If you have an emissions check coming up, this tool is perfect for pinpointing the issue so you can quickly and easily pass that registration requirement without the ordinary hassle of chasing an issue or resorting to calling the shop.

This is the perfect gift for the Holidays to drop in an enthusiast’s stocking, or anyone with a supported vehicle, as the app is easy to use and handy for anyone who can use their smartphone with any confidence.


Carista gives you the power of a dedicated service shop to tackle maintenance and customization at home with your smartphone. Most of us enthusiasts enjoy the ability to change, improve, or delete what we see fit in our cars. This strengthens the relationships we build over time with the vehicle and make the driving experience more connected and enjoyable. With the traditional options on the market for simply reading CEL’s or the excessively expensive professional scan tools, Carista sits in a comfortable middle ground, giving you an affordable and powerful tool to make the experience you have with your car easy, convenient, and fun.

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