“Which brakes should I use” is a question we hear all too often. For most people, stopping by the local brake shop or even the dealership are sufficient options. For the enthusiast, however, brakes that hold up under aggressive driving conditions on the street or track are paramount to a well handling and enjoyable car. HAWK Performance provides premium friction products for tuned a range of competitive uses; from daily drivers up to dedicated motorsport vehicles.

HAWK products are engineered to give drivers more control over their vehicles and allow them to attack the street or track with confidence. They develop different compounds down to specific motorsport events, so if you spend your time on the drag strip, at a circle track, or on a road course, there are unique compounds ready to help you maximize your brake effectiveness. You can even select options for aggressiveness within those categories, so you will always have the right pads for the right use.

In motorsports, as with anything, the more specialized a product becomes, the more limited its usability is. HAWK has more generalized street performance options which suit the weekend warrior or a beefed up daily by giving a higher torque bite and reduced fade so you can stop more confidently for longer. 

Before you go to wade through different manufacturers of brake pads and worrying about which ones to use, look at the full catalog of HAWK Performance pads available here at ECS. We have the right pads for you that are sure to improve your driving experience, no matter the driving style. With HAWK pads, you can improve your braking over the factory standard in both power and durability across the board from their High-Performance Street Pad Upgrade all the way to their Sector 27 Full race inspired pad setup.

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