When we left ECS on Friday around 8 am, we did the typical stop to get fuel and snacks. Overall, the drive was uneventful until we ran into our friends from Pittsburgh: Tyler Herwig, Eric Zyvith, and the gang we’ve been fortunate enough to befriend over this past show season. From there, we enjoyed a spirited dive until we split off to grab some fuel again about 20 miles from our destination. Of course, in typical car show fashion, we had to stop to adjust the front lip on our MK5 right before the hotel. As we arrived, I was contacted by Jonathan Leyh to pick him up since the show field was right next to our hotel. 

We arrived at the location to wait for the rest of the registrants that had signed up for the ECS Tuning Cruise. Once the lot filled with all those who joined us, we left for ‘Cruisin the Gap,’ a train of VWs, Audis, and Porsches all commanding the roads around the town. With the cruise underway, we enjoyed spirited driving with about 50 other cars. We made our way to Locust Post Brewery, where we indulged in fresh-made BBQ, A few games of cornhole, and good enthusiast company.

After we had completed the cruise, we went back to the hotel to relax and explore the area. Saturday Morning was Dubs and Donuts at the show field supported by Mountain Mama Donuts, who prepared an amazing selection of freshly made mini donuts that we all definitely overindulged ourselves with that morning. As Dubs and Donuts came to an end, we began setting up for another cruise to 1812 Brewery, where we were accompanied by another large group of enthusiasts. This cruise was about 27 minutes long and the views were incredible, as were the cars. If you have never been to that area in Maryland, it is worth the roads alone. 

When we arrived at 1812 Brewery, there was already a line for the food. One vendor (who I can’t remember the name of) Even had stuffed chocolate chip cookies! As we settled down, grabbed our food, and sat down with a few of our friends from previous shows, we continued to talk about build plans and future projects and just shooting the shit like we normally would. We shot back to the hotel to get some media of a few people’s cars at the show field before we left to find a car wash and some other show essentials.

Sunday morning, we headed over to the show-field at about 7:30 to complete our booth set up and situate everything before the festivities began. Of course, we had to swap the Rotiforms onto the MK5 and adjust some other display items along with opening our booth to Tyler Herwig and Josiah Minner so they could park and help represent ECS at the show. As the show continued and people continued to roll in we were all super stoked about some of the builds that we had seen over the entire weekend. As a company “Built by enthusiasts,” we feel it’s necessary to keep an eye out for people that we think are deserving of our Enthusiast Built award along with a New “ECS Favorite Award.” 

It was an honor to present these to two deserving enthusiasts who were down to earth and put a lot of effort into their work while being active in the community. Matt Uhler, @cat_master_mat  the owner of a minty MK1 Cabrio on Gold BBS with the properly perfect air ride setup, was presented with our ECS Favorite Award. Daniel Paul, Aka “@widedzl,” received our Enthusiast Built award. Daniel is someone with who we were previously familiar since we had linked up at Dubs at the Lake earlier in the year. He’s overall a great guy and completely genuine. He also made the effort to hang out with us not only then but this past weekend as well. Overall, Daniel is just a great part of the community with a unique style, unlike traditional VW owners. I mean, a wide-body TDI with a big wang and a uniquely themed wrap is definitely something you don’t see everyday.

Overall, both of our choices were excited to grab a bit of spotlight while we were presenting our awards and the raffle items that we had sent to be given out. The quality along with such a wide variety of cars is what makes shows like Dubs At the Gap what they are. We really couldn’t ask for a better turnout. We would like to thank everyone who attended along with Jonathan and his wife Heather, The Pittsburgh homies; Alex Lafferty, Zane Lacko, The best Grant, Tyler Herwig, Eric Zyvith as well as our good friend Pat from @patsspeedshop and more for a wonderful weekend. 

We all look forward to seeing you next year or hopefully sooner, and hope that we can continue to support events like this and maybe have one of our own shows in the near future. I would also like to thank the team that offered tons of support along with some laughs this weekend for working their butts off. Tyler and Bryan were on the ball for offering customer support along with their insightful knowledge on the VW/Audi products we offer and what is soon coming. Hannah did a wonderful job taking over 300 photos to be used for our upcoming media (like the blog you’re reading this moment) along with some other cool media that you will see soon. I would also like to include Gary in this. Since he was Technically on PTO I wouldn’t let him be in the booth so he offered his own time to Jonathan to help the show start and run smoothly.

  • Words by Dave Siebert @dirt_nasty_dave