New from ECS is the Billet Rear Sway Bar Mounting Kit for your VW equipped with Independent Rear Suspension. These mounts are made from high quality billet aluminum and are accompanied by urethane bushings for maximum effectiveness of your sway bar function.

Billet aluminum mounting brackets encasing polyurethane designed to fit 21mm sway bars up to 25mm sway bars are not only more attractive than the factory mounting brackets and bushings, but are sturdier and longer lived. The billet construction allows for less play and improves the effectiveness of the urethane bushings.


With stiffer bushings working harder, you are able to notice a drastic difference in sway bar function, which will decrease body roll and increase your grip through corners.

These bushings are also are greased through the nipple on the sway mount itself: this means a longer life for your bushings. No more dabbing grease from your fingers or uninstalling the mounts for applying lubricant!


For models with Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) Only

VW Beetle (2012+)

VW CC (2009-2017)

VW EOS (2007+)

VW MK5 Rabbit/GTI/R32/Jetta (2006-2010)

VW MK6 Golf/GTI/Golf R (2010-2014)

VW MK6 Jetta Sedan (2011+)

VW MK7 Golf 1.8T/GTI/R/Alltrack (2015+)

VW B6/B7 Passat (2006+)

VW Tiguan (2009+)

Shop Part Number ES3438551

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Billet Rear Sway Mounting Kit

Give your sway bar sturdier mounts and bushings to maximize the effectiveness of your sway bar function.