Ready to make your Audi stand out without hours of back breaking labor? With options for your pre or post facelift B8, these antenna covers are ready to break up the desert of your single-colored roof with an oasis of carbon fiber. 

Give your antenna the visual upgrade it deserves to make it a part of the car you appreciate rather than overlook. 

Sporting the 2×2 carbon fiber weave and high gloss finish is instant gratification. The cover installs effortlessly and includes the mounting double sided tape to f it your cover over the antenna out of the box.

In minutes your Audi B8 will be showing off a carbon fin and complimenting your other modifications gracefully.

Don’t leave your antenna bare! Easy to install, easy to enjoy, and ready to set your Audi apart, you will love your shark fin even more with this Carbon Fiber Antenna Cover.

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Audi B8 A4/S4/RS5 Carbon Fiber Antenna Cover

Give your antenna something to brag about with this easy to install carbon fiber beauty piece.