An absolute must have for lowered VW MK4 and Audi TT MK1, our in house designed Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links are here to help you keep the power under your hood from escaping before it hits the ground. Being adjustable, our end links range from stock height to absolutely slammed suspension vehicles, giving you 32mm of adjustment.

By fitting our beefier end links to your VW, you can eliminate preload on your sway bar and improve its effectiveness by eliminating excess roll into corners and improving the feedback to your steering wheel.

With our Polyurethane mounting bushings, anodized coating for protection, and aluminum body, you know these end links are here to do their job well, and do it for a long time.

Built with Zinc coated heavy duty ball joint ends equipped with weather resistant rubber boots and stainless wire boot retainers, the last thing you have to worry about is premature wear on your new end links.

Make sure you are clearing driveline components by choosing our adjustable end links. All these benefits while still retaining proper suspension geometry make the ECS Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links the right choice for your VW MK4 or Audi TT MK1.

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VW MK4/Audi TT MK1 Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links

Eliminate preload on your sway bar, improve your sway bar function, and increase the feedback from your suspension with Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links from ECS.