One of the best ways to add power and enjoyment to your VW MK5 GTI is to add a performance intake and exhaust. When used with software tuning, your MK5 GTI can pick up considerable horsepower and torque while also providing a satisfying increase in noise. There are quite a few options for intakes and exhaust on the market, but we think our Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake and 3” Valved Turbo Back Exhaust are the best options for gaining power, performance and makes driving a pleasure.

The bigger of the two jobs is the exhaust installation. Exhaust increases the rate of flow for expelled waste gas and provides a throaty sound more fitting of a performance vehicle. A major drawback of aftermarket performance exhaust is that the increased volume can sometimes be obnoxious or too conspicuous.The stainless steel construction makes our aftermarket exhaust a lightweight system compared to stock, like most aftermarket exhaust, but ours has one critical difference. Our 3” turbo-back valved system allows you to flip a switch to have power and noise or switch back to a comfort and stealth mode to quiet things down.

The ECS Swivel Tips included in this kit allows you to perfectly set the angle of your muffler tips and is available in chrome or black to suit your preferences. The attractiveness, sound, performance, and adjustability make this comprehensive kit an awesome upgrade for your MK5 GTI.

Next, no stranger to this blog is our Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake System. The carbon fiber intake box, attractive intake tubing, and high-flow filter adds a tasteful look to your engine bay while improving the performance. The induction noise alone is a worthy benefit, but our system does more than just sound excellent. Our countless hours of research and development resulted in a system that not only looks good, but adds an impressive 17whp and 12Ft-Lbs of torque over the stock system with a tune and our turbo-back exhaust!

We are enormously proud of our dedicated hours of engineering and designing that have allowed us to bring quite possibly the highest performing, most attractive, and cost-effective aftermarket upgrades. Our intake and exhaust give you a more enjoyable driving experience and are perfect DIY’s to knock out in a weekend. We have installation documents you can read to make sure you get the job done like a professional so you can feel confident your new upgrades will install quickly and easily. Add power and performance to your VW MK5 GTI with ECS Performance Upgrades!

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