I got the car January of 2016 after looking for 2 years for the right E46 M3 within my budget for about 2 years that has the 6-speed transmission and the hunt was worth it. I’ve been wanting one of these cars for a while and it’s the only dream car on my list that I can afford (until I guess I hit the jackpot on a lottery and I can afford a Ferrari Enzo :P). Anyway, this is an on going build and I can’t really do anything serious right now since I am in Sea duty (in the Navy) and I get deployed pretty much every other year and it is my daily driver as well. Still, couldn’t decide if I should go supercharger, turbo or maybe an s85 swap (no LS swap, love them high revs :P) but I guess I’d find out when I actually have the time and place to do it. Currently, it’s pretty much stock with the exception of the exhaust system with custom section 1 and 2 no resonators and Megan muffler for section 3, sounds great so far but will most likely switch the headers to a catless one pretty soon. So far future mods that will most likely happen soon are wheels and a brake kit and I will make my own custom carbon fiber airbox as well within a few months as well. Below will be the current mods so far.

Modification List