Lots of attention is given to shift linkage feel, whether it’s replacing bushings, installing a short shift kit, or changing the height or weight of your shift knob. However, most enthusiasts don’t think twice about the feel of their clutch pedal. ECS Tuning intends to change that with the introduction of their Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Clutch Line.

Under heavy use your stock rubber clutch line can expand, resulting in a mushy pedal feel. This expansion is even more prominent in aged and weathered rubber lines. ECS Exact-Fit stainless reinforced clutch lines provide more confident and dependable shifting by maintaining consistent line pressure, long lasting corrosion resistance, and increased protection from failure. To provide a more direct and consistent pedal feel our line also eliminates the factory clutch delay valve. Our lines are reinforced with braided stainless steel mesh, affording superior expansion resistance. This resistance to expansion creates a firmer pedal, and a more direct clutch pedal feel. Our signature red polymer coating provides additional protection from the elements and abrasion.

The best part about ECS Exact-Fit clutch lines? They are manufactured to the highest possible standard. All lines are made on dedicated, specialized equipment and each is tested to 3000 psi before being shipped.

ECS Tuning stocks a large inventory of premium drivetrain components, including high-performance clutches, lightweight flywheels, short shift kits, upgraded bushings, and a wide range of shift knobs and pedal covers to suit your interior and your driving style. Everything you need to perform a professional quality transmission service, you can find at ECS Tuning.



Key Benefits:

    • Line expansion reduced results in consistent line pressure
    • Resistance to expansion provides a firmer pedal and more direct feel
    • Eliminates the factory clutch delay valve with no adverse effect
    • Each line tested to 3000psi
    • Full installation PDF available


  • Design:
    • PTFE inner core
    • Stainless steel mesh braid
    • Red polymer coated jacket


  • Performance:
    • More direct clutch pedal feel
    • Firmer pedal
    • Superior corrosion and expansion resistance
    • Removes the factory delay valve for a more direct and consistent pedal feel


  • Appearance:
    • OEM style grommet for passing through the firewall
    • Red polymer coated jacket
    • Clear bumpers added for additional wear resistance
    • ECS branded shrink tube on each end

Interested in purchasing?

ECS Exact-Fit Stainless Clutch Line

Improve clutch pedal feel with this simple, yet dramatic upgrade