My car is a 2008.5 Volkswagen GTI 4 door, It has quite the list of modifications and most are done by myself and friends inside my garage.

Modification List

  • Full APR RSC turbo back exhaust
  • ~IPAD mini radio
  • TSW rascasse 2 piece welded wheels
  • APR stage 2+ tune
  • BSH Cold air intake
  • Sprint Blue high gloss Plastidip
  • OEM Golf ball shift knob
  • European short throw shifter
  • Master LED interior lighting kit
  • White LED License plate lights
  • Rear wiper delete
  • Airlift slam series bag setup with auto pilot v2 Management
  • Blue crushed velvet reupholstered pillars and headliners
  • 02 Spacer
  • OEM R32 rear bumper with dual 4-inch tips
  • New South Boost gauge
  • Blue footwell lights
  • Avenue white and chrome wolfs burg steering wheel
  • S3 OEM intercooler
  • Stage 3 Daily Southbend clutch
  • Super White reverse lights
  • Yellow high beams
  • Kicker speakers front and back
  • Dash shelf kit
  • OEM Red coil packs with Bosch double platinum spark plugs
  • Chrome MK5¬†Jetta front grille set
  • Chrome mirror caps
  • Blindspot mirrors
  • Votex Front valance
  • OEM Roof racks
  • Frame notch