In 2016, we hosted our first virtual car show where you submitted photographs and information on your personal builds to compete in the online show for the coveted ‘Best in Show’ award. This year we are bringing the show back with a new twist! Our team has devised a slightly different approach to the incredibly popular idea with more chances to have your build recognized, win prizes, and will be up to all of you to vote on winners. Here we will break the whole show down, tell you how to enter, and let you know where to look as it happens all month long.

The Show:

Rather than breaking up the entries by car make this year, we are going to switch up the categories. You will be able to enter your car, no matter the make or model, into one of three brackets where it will go head-to-head in a live vote against similar builds.

How It Works:

The ECS Virtual Car Show submissions will take place from October 1st to October 28th. Then, on Instagram and Facebook, you will all vote on the head to head matchups in the three brackets. Each class, Purist, Fitment, and Extreme Modified, will be brackets made up of all entries into the show. The winners from these classes will be awarded a $500 gift card and entered to compete in a final round of voting on social media for the ‘Best in Show’ award and the overall winner of the ECS Virtual Car Show. The Best in Show recipient will receive another $500 gift card as well.

Entries must be submitted to between October 1st and October 28th with yourInstagram username, pictures of the car, and your full parts list. You can submit your car for whichever of the three classes best apply to your build, but do be aware we may bump you from one class to another depending on the car.

Please include full parts list:
Wheels (specs optional)

Submit these pictures as attachments or as a Google Drive Folder:
Front Driver’s Side
Front Passenger’s Side
Driver’s Side Shot
Passenger’s Side Shot
Engine Bay
Interior (optional)

The categories are as follows:


The Purist category will be open to anyone with a stock or OEM Plus build from any European make. If you have a restored classic, tasteful OEM Plus build, or even a meticulously maintained stock car, this class is for you. No aftermarket modifications, except wheels, will be allowed in this class. This is your time to show off your pride and joy designed to display the cleanest examples of unmodified European cars from all over the world and will determine the best of the best when it comes to purist ownership.


Focused on ‘show and shine,’ this class is open to anyone with a modified European car that wants to display their wheel fitment. Anywhere from lowered, flush, or ‘hellaflush,’ all the way to totally dumped out will qualify for entry. Winners will be determined in head-to-head matchups against other similarly built cars with a focus on suspension, wheels, overall cleanliness, and unique modifications that make your car something truly special.

Extreme Modified

Do you have a crazy engine swap, dedicated track car, or absolutely jaw-dropping modification list? This class is tailored to you and your car. Entries into this category are restricted to the wildest builds with the longest parts lists and most attention to detail at every corner of the build. While you may fall into the Fitment class, we encourage anyone who has left no bolt untouched on their car to enter this category.

With your participation on Facebook, Instagram, and our blog, we can’t wait to make this an even bigger and better Virtual Car Show than 2016. We hope to see participation from all over the world and gather some of the most unique builds that otherwise might never roll up to the same event together. Be sure to tag your friends in posts, share the stories, and watch out for each round of voting as we boil down to the best European car on the internet at the end of the show.