Part of maintaining your car is replacing worn or faulty components as they age. Those who would consider themselves ‘enthusiasts’ do their best to stay ahead of these services to keep their precious cars in the best condition. European cars are specifically rewarding to own, to drive, and to maintain. Using the highest quality replacement parts is critical to keep the engaging feel for which these cars are known. Febi Bilstein has been producing replacement parts of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality or higher since the inception of the automobile market.

From their earliest days of supplying custom metal products in 1844 to provide more than 150 countries with over 100 Million parts in stock, Febi Bilstein has been one of the foremost suppliers of aftermarket replacement parts for European vehicles. Their extensive range of 34,000 technical wear parts constantly expands to meet the needs of all their customers, and consists of extensively tested, reliable, and durable replacement parts worthy of finding homes in your favorite project, toy, or daily.

Their work ensures the long and enjoyable relationship between you and your car can continue. With reliability being paramount, Febi Bilstein parts are designed to be the best solution when it comes to retaining a like-new feeling for everything mechanical.

Maintaining your car is about more than just swapping out an old part for a new one; you need to have confidence that the part you are installing will function as the manufacturer intended for as long as it was designed to. As an OEM supplier, Febi Bilstein is trusted around the world to bring the top-shelf quality that is so important for maintenance done right. Instead of picking the auto parts store-brand replacements, make sure the job is completed properly by using Febi Bilstein replacement parts.

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