When modifying a car becomes a passion, changing the vehicle’s overall appearance is inevitable. Modifications generally include more aggressive wheels, a lower ride height, engine upgrades, possibly some aftermarket lights, and obligatory stickers. MAXTON Design shakes things up with stylish visual and aero parts to accent your existing performance upgrades that are both affordable and attractive.

Most enthusiasts working alone on personal projects choose not to dedicate excessive amounts of money to extensively change the exterior aesthetics of their car. Aside from MAXTON Design, few options exist that hold up to the scrutiny of enthusiasts in either price or quality. MAXTON Design completely overturns existing stereotypes associated with exterior modifications providing quality visual upgrades for nearly every make and model vehicle without charging obscene amounts of money to achieve the look you desire.

From simple front lip spoilers and side skirts to full on bumpers, valances, diffusers, body kits, and more; MAXTON Design is able to provide strikingly unique parts for almost every corner of every build. Some of their more popular products include splitters and diffusers. These accent the front bumper and side skirts to give a more aggressive demeanor to any car on which they are fitted. The clever styling and reasonable cost of MAXTON Design products contradict the opinions many enthusiasts previously shared regarding visual upgrades.

Ordinarily, upgrading your car visually can either be approached with a budget that surrenders refined looks and style or with a painfully expensive price tag in order to develop a final product you would want to be seen driving. MAXTON Design mixes the fitment and quality of higher-cost options with affordability and style.

The next time you look at your car, picture it with a rakish front lip and side splitters. Possibly add a rear diffuser and trunk spoiler mentally to see a drastic difference in the attitude your car embodies. MAXTON design has everything ready to help you transform the appearance of your car overnight with unique and durable visual upgrades.


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