The Audi B7 A4 is a luxury sedan with tons of potential for making power well beyond what Audi could have imagined from the 2.0T platform. We’re here to help you unlock that power as quickly and effectively as possible, all without costing more than a used B7 does these days, with the right B7 A4 parts to get the job done. So, what is the most power you can add for the least amount of money? As it turns out, roughly 100hp to the wheels for right around $3,000 for everything.

For a few bolt-ons, 100hp is no laughing matter, especially when these upgrades aren’t going to sacrifice reliability. Two required upgrades will improve the 2.0T’s reliability, which leads to our first necessary upgrades.

Must-Haves Before You Make More Power

Before you start grabbing those tasty performance parts, you need to make some small changes and tackle some maintenance so your Audi is ready for the jump in power. Namely, the High-Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade, Cam Follower service, oil service, and an upgraded diverter valve. Making sure that routine work is done is key. Naturally, all the B7 A4 maintenance parts you’ll need are here at ecs.

The HPFP will be required later, so you might as well make that your first change. While doing so, the cam follower should be replaced along with that oil service. Our Assembled by ECS Fuel Pump and Follower replacement kit paired with our LIQUI MOLY oil service kit make this easy for you with everything you need for the two jobs packaged together. All of this maintenance stuff is key to reliably adding power. Without

For the Diverter Valve, the Forge Motorsport DV option is an excellent choice. It is the most expensive, but certainly worth it thanks to the company’s reputation for quality and performance. We have different DV springs for your specific needs, making it applicable for several different builds while also serving as a replacement for the factory DV that is prone to failure as it ages.

With the oil service, cam follower service, HPFP replaced, and DV upgrade completed, you can turn your attention to serious power gains. It’s the usual suspects of ‘basic performance upgrades’ or BPUs, but having all the products listed in one place for easy access just makes this whole process more convenient for you.


The first upgrade most often added is a performance intake. While they aren’t known to add more than one or two horsepower by themselves, the idea is about everyone’s favorite automotive formula: more air + more fuel = more power. We’re going to need a lot more air to support the power gains, which is where the ECS Tuning Luft-Technik intake system performs exceptionally well. With our in-house developed intake system dyno-tested for proven power gains of 5whp, you can make that first step into the world of improved power by upgrading your B7 A4 intake.


With turbocharged engines, part of improving efficiency and turbocharger effectiveness is cooling the charge air after it is pressurized before it is forced into the engine. Cooler air is denser and can take on more fuel without upsetting the precious 14:1 ratio needed for proper combustion. Again, more air + more fuel = more power. With our upgraded intercooler and charge pipe kit, you have the quality assurance you need thanks to our in-house design team’s dedication to perfection as well as the proven power measured on the dyno. At an increase of 12whp, this upgrade alone is well worth it. However, you need to remember these are all pieces to a bigger puzzle. We need the intercooler to help support even more power that the full list of upgrades will help you achieve.

Downpipe and High-Flow Catalytic Converter

In a similar fashion to the air intake upgrades, the expulsion of exhaust gasses is equally critical. Turbocharged engines like the 2.0T suffer from the restrictive catalytic converters and small diameter exhausts fitted for emissions and sound reasons from the factory. Once again, we have engineered a solution. Our 3” downpipe and high-flow catalytic converter upgrade kit gives your B7 A4 a measurable increase in horsepower on their own, but offer much more when paired with the upgrades mentioned in this list. For a 25whp upgrade at $431.95, this is one of those improvements you’ll notice immediately without feeling a strain on your wallet. Designed in-house for easy installation, durability, and improved exhaust sound, you won’t regret this upgrade even if you only upgrade your B7 A4 downpipe.

APR Stage 2+ Software Upgrade

Finally, the icing on the cake is an upgrade to your engine software. There are tons of upgrade options for improving your B7 software, but APR sticks out as the most common. APR is well known as one of the foremost VW/Audi tuning houses who hold several records with their race-proven upgrades. Namely, their software. While you can upgrade in stages, the most cost-effective option is to do everything at once. The list of upgrades in this article outlines everything you need to make the APR stage 2+ software tune work reliably with your engine while the software will in turn allow you to maximize the other upgrades for even greater power gains. Your B7 A4 will instantly jump from moderately respectable levels of power to blistering numbers on the dyno to all four wheels. With 60hp alone from this software upgrade on top of the wheel horsepower increases from the other upgrades, this software accounts for the biggest change. Think of it like the laces that hold your shoes to your feet. Your shoes alone don’t need the laces, but for you to wear them effectively, you need them. The software upgrade is needed to receive the maximum benefits from the upgrades you should make, which will completely transform your B7 A4.


With over 100whp added, your B7 A4 will sit in a completely different class of vehicle than it did from the factory. We can think of 100 different reasons why this list is the perfect series of upgrades for any B7 A4 2.0T owner and know they will enjoy them to the fullest. Now go out there and start improving your Audi.