How your car handles and feels on the road is what we most often associate with the condition of the vehicle overall. Worn suspension components like shocks, shock tower mounts, struts, and strut mount greatly reduce the drivability, performance, and comfort of your car. When it comes time to replace them, most folks turn to OEM or aftermarket replacements to get them back to where they were from the factory for a like-new feel. People like Chuck, however, look at replacements as an opportunity for improvement. When his E90 328xi needed new suspension, Chuck decided it was time to upgrade the capability of his suspension with a set of ISC Street Comfort fully adjustable coilovers.

The drivetrain layout of his BMW 328xi restricted the suspension choices he could make thanks to the lack of availability in options for the AWD platform. ISC is one of the few companies who offer coilovers designed to retain a comfortable ride quality while they provide the ranges necessary to dial in your look, feel, and performance.

The ISC Suspension lineup features the Street Comfort selected by enthusiast drivers for their dailies, like Chuck, as well as Street Sport coilovers and Track Race coils for the most aggressive competitive drivers. Chuck settled on the Street Comfort to improve his stance and handling without compromising his ride quality. Fortunately, the ISC Street Comfort coilovers did just that and have vastly improved his driving experience, even if it is just a daily driven, automatic, 328xi. Who says you can’t enjoy every minute behind the wheel of your commuter car?

The fitment with these coilovers is fantastic. Some would argue it may sit a little low to be entirely functional, while others can say it is much too tall to be considered ‘lowered’ to an appropriate ride height. For Chuck, however, the height is exactly where he wants it. Paired with properly valved, pre-loaded, and tailored suspension components, the overall finished product goes beyond expectations. With the car’s appearance now consistent with its driving characteristics, even the automatic transmission really can’t take away from added enjoyment behind the wheel in the bends.

All said, the coilovers cost a little more than some competitors in the range, but offer excellent adjustability, arguably better ride quality than similarly priced options, and carry an astounding five-year warranty on the components. The warranty should be enough of a reason for anyone who intends on putting their new coilovers through some rigorous tests either on the road or at the track. Thankfully, ISC has a set of suspension dedicated to reaching your performance and handling goals for any driving needs in your European car. Even if you are Chuck and drive an automatic, E90, all-wheel-drive dad car.