Perhaps the most tempting part of owning a B8 S4 is the sound produced by the 3.0T FSI engine. The downsized engine from the previous V8 models still offers the grunt of a higher displacement engine, but it is now paired with the iconic supercharger whine and exceptional fuel economy for its power output. With the supercharged V6 in front of you, incredible power at your foot, and a hearty sound from the rear, the B8 S4 offers a wonderful driving experience. But we wouldn’t be here if the car came exactly how everyone wanted from the factory, now would we? That temptation of putting your foot down to hear a throaty roar from your 3.0T is definitely real in stock form, but who wants to listen to one of the best engine soundtracks with the volume down? That’s where we come in with our new Stainless Steel Valved Cat-Back Exhaust System for your B8 S4.

So what’s different about this system compared to other CBEs on the market? Can’t I get the blissful engine soundtrack with any ol’ free-flowing exhaust? Absolutely, and there are tons of reputable exhaust systems available to increase the noise from your B8 S4, but only one that does so on demand and offers a truly customizable configuration to fit the theme of your build. One size fits all is no way to stand out, which is why our system gives you the ability to not only control the sound and performance of your Audi but to also dictate how the system looks by specifically tailoring visible components to meet your vision.

Our new valved CBE is the best system to give you a wider range of usability out of your S4. With our kit, that sound can either flow through a resonator section or an unresonated pipe, depending on your liking for the setup. Should you decide you want more sound from your exhaust, and you chose the resonated version, you can always switch out with just the unresonated piece, which we have available independently for your convenience. Inversely, if you feel the unresonated version is too aggressive, you can separately purchase the resonator section to bring those rumbles back to a level more suitable to your liking.

When you are ready to ditch the muffled section for more conspicuous enjoyment, simply hit the toggle button or HomeLink button to open the straight-through pipes for the full experience. Since the valves can be opened and closed with the touch of a button, your car doesn’t always have to announce your arrival with window-shattering rumbles wherever you go. Then, when noise isn’t an issue, open the valves and experience the raw sound of your supercharged V6 for your listening pleasure.

The kit, as we mentioned, can be configured in one of several ways. Our design features T304 Stainless Steel piping with an integrated X-Pipe for cross flow and can either be ordered with resonator piping or without, depending on your preference. Lastly, the tailpipes are offered in two finishes. Our Swivel Tips, which allow you to adjust the angle and appearance of the quad tips from your muffler for perfect fitment, come in either Black Chrome or Standard Chrome, giving you a more personalized fit and finish than your run-of-the-mill aftermarket exhaust system. Pick your finish, tilt to perfection, and stand back to enjoy the aggressively styled exhaust on your B8 S4.

The benefits of the kit are not purely cosmetic or auditory, of course. As with any high-flowing performance exhaust system, our new Valved CBE provides a 19hp increase with its valves opened for an all-in-one upgrade to your Audi’s style, sound, and power output. With this system, you can expect to experience the look, sound, and feel that you have been looking for in your Audi B8 S4, all with the touch of a button.

And what is an article about exhaust without some ear candy for you to enjoy? Check out our video here to listen to the difference this system makes and hear Zach walk you through everything that makes our Valved Cat-Back Exhaust the best choice for your B8 S4