Continuing from where we left off yesterday talking about our exciting new products, today we’re focused on our Audi lineup. Over the past few months, as uncertainty grew, we have still managed to push these new performance upgrades through to production so you don’t have to wait on your next project. We know staying busy right now is paramount to maintaining our sanity, so we’re ensuring you have projects to keep you wrenching and improving your Audi. Check out these freshly released in-house upgrades and pick out your next DIY.

Audi B9

The B9 platform quickly cemented itself as a high-performance luxury sedan that easily fills the shoes of its predecessors. The no-compromise B9 offers drivers convenience and driving engagement with even the lowest trim A4/A5 thanks to the forced induction engines. The S4/S5 maintains its dominance in the sport sedan segment as an incredible platform for power and performance as well as being incredibly tunable without too many upgrades or changes. However, we can always make improvements. That’s what we’ve done with our latest list of upgrades.

B 9S4/S5 3.0T Baffled Oil Catch Can

Oil and particulates released by the crankcase ventilation system are recycled through the intake and burned off during combustion. This is an easy way to release crankcase pressure, but is inefficient, reduces the performance of your vehicle, and coats your intake with oil. Oil consumption is higher with a vehicle that does not benefit from a catch can. The new ECS Baffled Oil Catch Can filters out all the particulate matter from the CCV system before that air returns to the intake system and traps it in the can. This keeps your intake air clean and prevents that oil from reintroducing into the intake ports, ensuring your valves, ports, and intake system stay nice and clean.

B9 S4/S5/A4/A5 Matte Black ECU Cover

With aesthetic mods, it is important to define whether you want it to be a showpiece or something that shifts your attention away from the addition. The Matte Black ECU Cover hides your ECU under a sleek black enclosure so your eye naturally gravitates toward the real breadwinner: your engine. Keep the clutter in your bay down with our new ECU cover in your B9 A4/A5 or B9 S4/S5.

B9 A4 Valved Cat-Back and Turbo Back Exhausts

Give your A4 the throaty sound and bump in performance it deserves that will offer a more engaging driving experience at the press of a button. For the best performance improvement, our turbo-back system offers a gain of 16whp and 17wtq while also delivering the delicious exhaust tone that keeps you entertained every time you go for a drive.

B8 S4/A4 S-Line

Gloss Black Flat Side Skirts

If carbon fiber isn’t your thing, or you want something that can be replaced easily if it is damaged in daily duty, then our new gloss black exterior upgrades are perfect for you. These side skirts are identical in style and design to our popular carbon versions but are a much lower cost and less stressful if something were to happen that would require you to replace them. They offer a wider, more aggressive look to your B8 and tie perfectly with other visual and aero upgrades.

Gloss Black Rear Diffuser

The same can be said for the new gloss black rear diffuser as can be said about the side skirts. This new diffuser has the same great looks you love from our carbon design but comes at a much lower cost and a lower sense of concern, especially if your B8 is on daily driver duty. Carbon fiber is great for a dedicated show car or weekend cruiser, but the more you drive it, the higher the risk that you or someone else ends up damaging it. With the gloss black versions, you have the durability and ease of replacement benefits you need to enjoy better looks from your B8 without any of the worries.

Gloss Black Front Grille Accents

Yet again, we took the carbon fiber version and created our new grille accent set from durable and lower-cost gloss black ABS plastic. Improve the front end and add an aggressive element to your B8 with these grille accents and have the peace of mind that replacement isn’t as much of a strain on the wallet as carbon is. Why let show cars have all the fun when we can upgrade our daily without the fear of expensive replacements?

Adjustable Clutch Pedal Stop

For manual transmission B8 drivers, our new adjustable clutch pedal stop allows you to fine-tune the maximum travel of your clutch pedal for better driving experience and improved shifting accuracy. This eliminates the dead travel behind where your clutch disengages so you only press the pedal as far as you need. The pedal stop makes your clutch leg work less and removes any uncertainty about how far you need to press it in order to accomplish each shift.

8V A3/S3/RS3

The latest iteration of the ‘entry-level’ Audi platform is the 8V. Available as an A3, S3, or RS3, the easiest way to get into a luxury performance Audi is as simple as picking up one of these high-performance compact cars. The A3 packs a punch as effectively a Quattro-equipped VW GTI sedan that features more goodies, while the S3 is an upscale MK7 R. That’s being reductive, of course, they offer much more of a complete package and higher trim specs, just to name a few benefits. The RS3, on the other hand, has no equal. It draws its power from the famous 5-cylinder turbocharged engine with which Audi made its name in racing, and has tons of design and style tweaks to set it apart. Regardless of which you have, we’ve been hard at work developing our line of upgrades to satisfy any 8V owners during these trying times.

MQB Cast Aluminum Intercooler

Featuring a substantial increase in charge air volume for greater cooling, this new intercooler kit improves power by 20WHP and drops inlet air temperatures by 90 degrees. Keeping your charge air cool prevents heat soak and allows your engine to produce more power with the colder, denser charge air. Not only that, but a larger intercooler is generally a piece of the performance puzzle when your goals are to run more aggressive software. For your 8V A3/S3, this intercooler is a perfect choice.

8V RS3 Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler

Rounding off our list of upgrades for your Audi, we released our new hand-laid carbon fiber front lip for your RS3 to improve the look of your front end. The ground-hugging appearance and aggressive style change is a must for RS3 owners who want to add an element that further displays that they have ‘the fast one.’

With the list of new upgrades for your B8, B9, and 8V, you have plenty to keep you busy while you stay home. These are, of course, just the most recent additions to the ECS catalog and complement our existing mods. So, stay healthy and keep wrenching. We’ll keep developing exciting new upgrades we know you can’t wait for.