The Volkswagen 1.8T found in the MK4 generation is a staple in the European tuning community. This engine spanned almost a decade in one version or another and found its way into a number of different VW chassis that benefit from its awesome low-displacement power curve and turbocharged goodness. As the engine ages and phases out of parts production, however, those of us who still stick to the tried and true 1.8T are left with fewer and fewer replacement options from the factory. That’s why our engineering team has developed yet another headache cure for VW MK4 owners in the form of our new MK4 1.8T transverse engine Ignition Coil Harness Replacement Kit.

This kit is a must for any aging 1.8T as either a replacement for a failing factory harness or a preventative maintenance measure to keep your engine firing on all cylinders. The OEM harness is both no longer available (NLA) and requires a full replacement of the harness section. Our kit allows you to replace the ignition harness itself with OEM-like fitment but additional heat shrink wrapping and beefy construction for added protection against dust, grime, and other contaminants that can cause misfiring issues and short circuits in aging factory harnesses.

The procedure is almost no different than a regular replacement, as the ECS kit includes the full harness but does not require you to replace the entire section. Included in your kit is a specialty crimping tool for proper installation as well as extra small parts in case you make a forgivable mistake in replacing these tiny components in your VW.

This kit is perfect for anyone wanting to maintain or restore their 1.8T powered MK4 by offering an OEM-like segment but with the added protection of heat-hardened ignition coil harnessing and improved quality materials for peace of mind. Keep your VW MK4 1.8T happy and firing regularly with this preventative maintenance harness that fills the gap in VW’s parts catalog without any extra steps seen in similar kits.

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MK4 1.8T Ignition Coil Wire Harness Replacement Kit