If your rear hatch cover (sometimes called a parcel shelf) is no longer being drawn up when your hatch is opened then your hatch cover strings and/or mounting pins may be broken. Up until now, the only fix available was to replace the already-failure prone hatch string(s) and/or the more costly hatch trim if the mounting pin had sheared off.

With our Hatch Cover Fix Kit you can now replace while upgrading the OEM-failure prone components to our robust design, all while still maintaining the OEM trim components.


Part Design

  • The stainless hatch cover strings (tethers) are manufactured using 18-8 stainless steel wire rope with a vinyl coated black jacket, finished off with heat shrink looped ends for an overall OEM-type appearance with abrasion protection. Custom machined Delrin ball stops capture the parcel shelf to pull upwards, simulating the factory design and functionality. The ball stops also give weight to the cable assembly to ensure the cables lower through the parcel shelf hole properly and repeatedly.


  • Our all billet aluminum pins save you money by reusing the OEM trim piece while simultaneously upgrading to a more durable material. Included within this kit is a specifically sized drill bit to bore out the OEM molded-in mounting pin within the hatch trim, which makes way to install our 6061-T6 aluminum mounting boss with the included stainless steel hardware.


Product Development

  • Our ECS Hatch Cover Strings and Billet Aluminum Mounting Studs were designed, engineered, tested and quality inspected by our Research and Development team in our Wadsworth, Ohio facility. The ECS Hatch Strings were developed to far surpass the weight that should ever be intended for the parcel shelf to support. The billet aluminum pins were developed to reuse the good parts of the OEM hatch trim, saving you further expenses when the OE parts fail. We ensured that the highest level of precision and quality is delivered throughout rigorous long term product testing and leading edge product development methods.


Installation and support

  • Looking for installation tips? Look no further, we put together a full installation tutorial from start to finish in detail! Head over to our YouTube channel for the full video @ ECSTuningMedia

Interested in purchasing?

Cargo Hatch Cover String & Stud Fix Kit

Replace your broken hatch cover strings and mounting studs with our in-house designed Stainless Steel Hatch Strings with Billet Mounting Pins!