You may remember the ECS Street Performance Coilover line we released last year as an affordable way to easily and effectively lower your car with some measure of adjustability thanks to the body adjustable ride height function. However, just offering an entry-level package with only a slight benefit over lowering springs wasn’t good enough for our B8 customers. For the discerning Audi B8 A4/S4/A5/S5 owner, our brand-new Street Performance Coilover Systems go a step further without blowing your budget out of wack. We are proud to introduce these new coilovers, which we will cover in detail today in this article.

ECS Street Performance Coilovers for your Audi B8 are designed with the daily driver enthusiast in mind. In the design phase, we considered what needs that enthusiast might have and built these suspension systems with their priorities in mind.


The daily driver who wants to both lower their ride height to their preference and maintain a suitable ride quality needs some measure of adjustability, but nothing too crazy that would drive up the cost beyond what they can justify for a simple upgrade. That’s why our B8 Street Coilovers are body adjustable for well over two inches of range to play with while the preload on the progressive rate springs isn’t affected. By making the coilover body itself where ride height is adjusted, owners won’t have to worry about resetting preload after setting their desired ride height. Additionally, the progressive rate springs are designed specifically to work within the height range for real improvement to handling performance.


While some of our other entry-level units don’t offer this capability, the B8 owner is one who is concerned with how well their car rides and how much feedback they want from the road. Our B8 Street Performance Coilovers have adjustable damping for 32 levels of force, which means the specifically valved dampers can be tuned to offer the precise feel owners want. Whether that be full stiff for an incredibly sporty feel, full soft for the most comfortable setting, or somewhere in-between, these coilovers are designed to operate effectively anywhere within that range thanks to their valving inside the monotube design for reliability and longevity. This offers a real benefit over lowering springs, which may drop your car below the threshold of shocks and struts you may have on your car, causing them to fail prematurely.


A major concern with the daily driver enthusiast is offering a product they want with the abilities they need at a price point they can justify. By giving enthusiasts the damper adjustable, height adjustable, performance solution they need in a low-cost package, they can feel good about their decision to make a visual and handling upgrade without spending an arm and a leg to do it.

Ease of Install:

Coilovers are much less involved when it comes to installation than air suspension or springs. Since you replace the whole assembly, you don’t need to worry about swapping springs or buying other parts to go along with your upgrade. While these don’t include upper mounts, our Street Performance systems are still incredibly simple to install on your B8 and have .pdf installation instructions available to take you every step of the way through the job at home with confidence. Since downtime and difficulty can be a serious roadblock when it comes to enjoying your new stance and handling feel, our coilovers are designed to be ready to install right out of the box so you don’t have to wait long between receiving them at your door and basking in the glory that is your static B8.

With adjustable settings that allow you to tune both the look and feel of your car, better handling from a lower center of gravity, progressive rate springs, monotube dampers with heavy-duty valves, an easy installation, and a cost you can be happy justifying, our ECS Street Performance Coilovers for your B8 A4, S4, A5, or S5 are just what the daily driven Audi needs. Grab a set, download our instructions, and start living the low life with better handling. For all the other B8 parts you need, we’ve got you covered there, too.