If you plan on driving your BMW at a track event, for an Auto-X, or competitively at all, the importance of setting up your car to handle the extra stress is critical. IRP Germany produces some of the best driveline components to help stiffen your BMW for performance use with high-quality mounts, flex discs, control arms, solid shifters, and more.

For keeping the camber angles of your BMW within optimal ranges on lowered vehicles, you need adjustable camber arms. IRP Germany Adjustable Rear Control Arms mitigate camber issues caused by excessively lowering your BMW and bring the contact patch back to its most effective size. The durable stainless steel construction assures enthusiasts that their new parts will last and provide an increase in rigidity while still being relatively lightweight. Finally, the monoball bearing used in place of BMW’s factory rubber bushing eliminates deflection and helps maintain proper suspension settings under hard driving.

Solid or polyurethane drivetrain mounts, like IRP Germany’s engine and transmission mounts, keep your driveline from excessively moving and deflecting. The reduced movement and increased rigidity provide a better transmission of torque to the wheels and keep everything in line where it should be. Stiffer or solid mounts are also necessary should you want a direct shifter rather than the factory indirect style.

IRP Germany produces a Solid Short Shift Kit, which is one of the best available universal direct short shifters. The kit features a reverse lockout, smaller shift gate, and bolts directly to the transmission tunnel. This gives you more precise shifts with a shorter throw but a tall enough lever to reduce the amount of time your hand spends off of the steering wheel.

They also offer a range of upgraded solid and polyurethane components like their performance guibo (flex disc,) adjustable front and rear strut bars, polyurethane rear shock mounts, and aluminum subframe bushings. This helps improve rigidity all around the vehicle to reduce torque losses through deflection you would otherwise experience with soft rubber bushings and mounts.

Finally, IRP Germany is one of few producers with a direct swap Performance Steering Lock Out Kit for dramatically increasing your suspension adjustment capabilities and steering angle. These kits increase the length of the control arms with sturdier replacements. These durable control arms are significantly lighter and give you more control over your suspension settings.

If you are just out to have fun on an open track day or looking to compete for top times in your BMW, IRP Germany provides nearly everything you need to help cut those precious few milliseconds off your lap times.

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