If you have ever wanted a brand new GTI, this is your chance to take one home for $50. We are excited to announce the ECS Tuning and StopTech 2018 MK7.5 GTI Sweepstakes; presented by Racingline! The fully loaded and customized VW MK7.5 facelift GTI will find its way to one of our customers this summer. During the sweepstakes, you can follow along with Zach as he takes the car and adds some of the best performance and visual upgrades available for the MK7.5 GTI.

How to Enter

In order to participate for your chance to win our MK7.5 GTI, all you need to do is continue to shop at ECSTuning.com! Just like with our A3 Sweepstakes, the MK7.5 will be awarded to the lucky winner whose name is drawn by the third party sweepstakes administrators. Each increment of $50.00 spent at ECSTuning.com is one entry for your opportunity to win. Anything on the site is eligible and you can enter as many times as you see fit! From now until June 22, 2018, you can stack your entries and increase the odds of your name being pulled. One of our lucky customers will receive the MK7.5 GTI this summer to take home and love forever. Don’t miss out on your chance to be the one with the title in your hand!

About the 2018 VW MK7.5 GTI

The MK7.5 GTI we chose is a proper manual transmission example and is reminiscent of the original message VW intended when the first Golf GTI left the factory floor. VW and their initial hot hatchbacks showed the world that small economy cars could be engaging and brilliant to drive. This MK7.5 GTI has elements of that era subtly woven into a futuristic and practical design. The new facelift has an already appealing exterior complimented by its White Silver Metallic finish. The improved interior contrasts the exterior with a dark black leather, which was an optional factory upgrade.

Riding in a completely stock MK7.5 GTI is not what we would call a boring drive, but our plans are very extensive where torque and horsepower are concerned. The entire vehicle is receiving Zach’s attention. Follow along as we build it on our YouTube channel or on the homepage of ECSTuning.com where we will demonstrate everything that will make this car truly unique for the lucky winner. Thanks to our amazing list of partnering vendors, we have developed a build list that will end up becoming a one-of-a-kind MK7.5 GTI.

You can read more about our build list in our in-depth description on our website and as well follow along as Zach modifies the car with unique parts supplied to us by our extensive list of excellent partners to make the ultimate MK7.5 GTI a reality.

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