A few articles back, we talked about the importance of visual upgrades and customizations that can make your car feel unique and satisfying. When you modify your car, it is a representation of yourself, your attitude, and your interests. It is an extension of your identity. Even if you didn’t make 100% of the parts yourself, how you choose to outfit your car definitely paints a picture of who you are. With visual upgrades, especially exterior upgrades, you can easily give your car a personality that matches your own. Whether that is in the form of ‘classing up the joint’ with some V.I.P. themed accents and body kits or motorsport-inspired aero upgrades, they all effectively do the same thing. They let everyone know what you’re all about and provide satisfaction that is uniquely yours every time you look back at your car. At ECS, we have a vast catalog of exterior carbon fiber upgrades like front lip spoilers, grille accents, mirror caps, and rear spoilers. Our most recent edition, the Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for the 8V RS3, is yet another way to give your Audi the aggressive facelift it needs to pair with your need for speed. 

Of course, this isn’t the only diffuser we have available. For you BMW, VW, and other Audi model owners, we have plenty of options. This new diffuser is designed with the same theme and dedication to quality as all our carbon fiber upgrades and is sure to give your 8V RS3 the look you want. 

With the striking visual appeal, a factory-like fitment, and durability to match whatever abuse you can throw at it, all our carbon fiber upgrades are designed to give your car the exact look and feel you want from it. The 8V RS3 Carbon Fiber Diffuser is no different. It replaces the factory rear valance piece with the much more aggressive carbon fiber strakes and exhaust cutouts to fit either the factory oval tips or round tips from an upgraded exhaust.

Naturally, the carbon fiber needs to hold up under high temperatures. All our carbon pieces are designed to withstand extended high-temperature exposure. This piece, like every example we make, holds up under abuse to maintain visual and structural perfection. We want your car looking good, no matter how hard you treat it.

Of course, there are plenty of other upgrades that you can add for that perfect visual appeal. Just check out our exterior upgrades category or read our old article on why visual upgrades are important in your build.