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Make the job easier and prevent damage to headliners and other interior trim with ECS Tuning Trim and Molding Removal Tool Sets: ES#2500877 and ES#517779.

What are LEDs?

LEDs are Light Emitting Diodes, solid-state devices that emit light when connected to electrical current. They have no moving parts or wire laments to burn out. They emit a whiter light, run cooler, and last longer that the incandescent ( lament style bulbs) we are replacing in this tutorial.

Unlike lament bulbs, LEDs are polarity sensitive. They have plus and minus (positive and negative) electrical terminals that must match the polarity of the applied voltage. Installing the bulbs “backward” in the light bulb sockets (with reversed polarity) will not harm them, but they will not light. Flipping the bulb 180 degrees in the electrical connector cures this problem.

Bulb Types

This kit includes two bulb types, classified by their general shape.

FESTOON – Conventional incandescent festoon bulbs have a shape and general appearance that is similar to a glass fuse.

Metal caps attached to both ends of a glass tube are sealed to the tube and attached to the bulb lament. End caps mount the bulb in its holder and also conduct electrical current.

LED festoon lights have the same pointed end caps but are attached to a bank of LEDs instead of a lament tube.

WEDGE – Wedge style bulbs get their name from the shape of the bulb base. The tapered end of the bulb “wedges” into the bulb socket.

LED wedge lights t the bulb socket like a lament bulb, but are commonly polarity sensitive.

Ziza Interior Lighting Kit Locations:

General Tips:

  • When prying down on the assemblies to remove them, pry on the notched end of the lens. Insert the narrow tool tip between the lens plastic and any metal collar used to reinforce the lens mounting hole. Push in on the retaining clip first to compress and release it. Then pry down.
  • The spring bulb retainer is also the circuit conductor. If necessary, gently bend the metal retainer so it holds the bulb tight. This will help prevent intermittent or flickering LED operation caused by a loose connection.
  • Install the bulbs with the LEDs facing toward the lens.

Front Dome and Vanity LED Installation:

Step 1:

The front dome light console is secured in the head- liner by plastic tabs and two Torx® head screws.

To access the screws, use a non-marring trim removal tool to pry down the rear console cover.

Let the cover tilt down and hang.

Step 2:

Use a T20 Torx driver to remove the two attachment screws (arrows).

Lower the front console.

Step 3:

The front dome light has two wedge style bulb holder sockets (arrows).

Step 4:

Twist and pull each bulb holder to remove it from its socket.

Remove the original bulbs and insert a new 5-chip wedge base LED array in each bulb holder.

These LEDs are polarity sensitive. If they do not work when initially installed, remove and rotate the bulb holders 180 degrees.

Step 5:

Reinstall the front dome light console.

Insert the front of the console into the headliner opening. Lift up on the rear of the console and hold it in place in the headliner as you replace the two Torx screws.

Push the rear console cover upward until it snaps into place.

Vanity Mirror Lights Step 1:

Using a non-marring trim removal tool, pry down on the light assembly as shown to release it from the headliner.

Step 2:

Replace the original lament bulb with a 36mm festoon array. The light chips should be installed facing the lens.

The LED array is polarity sensitive. If it does not light when first installed, flip the array end-for-end, and retest.

Snap the assembly back into the headliner and repeat the process at the other vanity light.

Glove Box Step 1:

Using a trim removal tool, pry down the glove box light assembly.

Pry the metal heat shield from the back of the light assembly.

Step 2:

Replace the original lament bulb with a new 5-chip wedge base LED array.

Reinstall the heat shield and replace the light assembly in the glove box.

Trunk Step 1:

Use the trim removal tool to pry the light assembly from the trunk.

The assembly has a metal heat shield over the bulb.

Step 2:

Install a new 42mm festoon in the bulb holder between the lens and heat shield.

The LED chips should face the lens, as shown.

If the LED array does not light initially, its polarity is reversed. Flip it end-for-end and test again.

Rear Dome LED Installation:

Rear Dome – Step 1:

Using a trim removal tool or your fingers, carefully pry or pull downward on the light assembly trim bezel, and remove it.

Step 2:

The rear dome light assembly has three wedge base sockets.

Remove the old bulbs and install three new 5-chip wedge LEDs in their place.

The LEDs are polarity sensitive. If any do not light when first installed, remove and rotate the LED, reinsert it into the wedge socket, and retest.

When all lights are working, snap the trim bezel back in place.

This concludes the installation of the Ziza Interior Light Kit.

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