From simple cosmetic upgrades to our massive Stage-5 Six-Piston Porsche Cayenne Big Brake Kit, the ECS MK5 GTI completely transformed. The GTI has experienced a Kafka-style metamorphosis being cocooned by an enormous list of modifications to arrive, stunning and gleaming, as it hovers above the ground before you.

ECS developed this build to create something unique; to be something contemporary yet traditional. As a show car, the MK5 catches looks and double-takes. As a driver’s car, one behind the wheel might discover a fiendish smile with every touch of the throttle or dive into a corner.

With each modification designed to fine-tune and enhance the performance of the GTI, this show stopper is more than just a pretty face.

Impossibly obvious and attention grabbing, the ECS Carbon Fiber Fender Flare Kit garnishes the corners with carbon fiber. For German performance cars, the widebody treatment is always reserved for the most extreme, race-bred applications. This performance and styling effect distinguishes the sporty model variants from the truly dexterous and radical performance cars.

The bolt-on ECS flares display exceptional fitment, and allow up to an additional 75mm of wheel and tire clearance for the use of fat rubber and a stunningly wide stance. the cavernous wheel wells, extended by the flares, encouraged our decision to develop a custom set of 3 Piece Custom Rotiform Style LVS – 11″ Wide, 19″ Diameter, completed with a Copper Face Finish.

Not quite hidden behind these stunning wheels are the massive ECS Stage 5 Six-piston Porsche Big Brake Kit, featuring the ECS 2-Piece Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors in the front and back. This 352mm finishing touch not only looks great behind the copper face of the wheels, but gives you the stopping power of a gravity well.

In designing the suspension, we chose a complete Slam Series Digital Combo Air Lift system with AutoPilot V2 digital air management. This Air Lift system gave us the versatility we needed to maneuver the most treacherous roads comfortably, fly through rhythm sections effortlessly, and drop to the pavement: all with the simple push of a button.

Between giant potholes, speed bumps, and uneven terrain, we constructed a 3/16″ (4.76mm) thick 5052 aluminum Street Shield Skid Plate. This skid plate is constructed and fitted to protect the exposed underbelly from a variety of impacts which can ruin an oil pan or other critical components.

Under the Hood:

There are modifications strictly for a vehicle’s curb appeal, and parts that exclusively intended for performance. Our goal was to include as many parts capable of utilitarian performance chasing and exude an aesthetic brilliance. We strove to create a part that has both proven performance gains and is aesthetically pleasing.


Our ECS Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake System features a carbon fiber box and polished aluminum tubes for stunning under the hood looks, and maximum power gains of +17 WHP at 5,750 RPM and +12 Lb/Ft of Torque at 5,700 RPM.

Complimenting the intake is the ECS High Flow Charge Pipe Coupler Kit that is capable of withstanding greater heat and higher boost pressure than stock. The kit does this all while achieving greater reliability, less turbulence and less restriction.

Moving down the sequence, we see the ECS 3.0″ Valved Turbo Back Exhaust System. Having a genuine appreciation for a smooth and sporty exhaust note that doesn’t drone or leave ears throbbing is something illusive. Smooth and refined is agreeably conservative, but there is a time and place for the sound of guttural anger.

With a remote key fob-controlled, vacuum operated, valve diversion, the exhaust flows at your convenience. With the valve closed, the exhaust is tuned and quieted through directionally louvered internal tubing. With the valve open, the exhaust follows an unrestricted, straight through path, and the dyno results confirm the difference. Don’t worry, though, you won’t need a chart. You’ll notice a Mr. Hyde style alter-ego emerge with a flattened throttle pedal. Bruce Banner would be proud.

Ever important to a highly modified motor is the brain controlling all of your critical systems. The factory computer was digitally altered and programmed with the aggressive APR Stage 2 Tune.


To harness all of this extra power, we have fitted the GTI with the ECS in-house designed Performance PendulumEngine, and Transmission Mounts. These mounts are composed of a perfected polyurethane formula to deliver smooth power transfer through the driveline to the ground, while equally present to minimize chassis feedback.

With a panoply of modifications, one could spend hours drooling over the complete parts list. While this is a dedicated show car, the performance capability is there thanks to the design of the components involved in bringing the MK5 GTI a viscous Moreauvian style genetic modification are all available through us here at ECS Tuning. Below this article you can browse the complete list of modifications and turn your own MK5 GTI into something terrifyingly gorgeous.

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