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Section 1: Shifter and Cable Component Identification

1. There are three different 5-speed shifter kits available, and even though there are some small differences between the kits, the overall installation and adjustment procedure is the same.

2. All Volkswagen 5-speed transmission shifter cables will have this orientation, regardless of the end style of the shift cable.

3. The Front-to-Back cable is the lower of the two cables, and it will be mounted onto the vertical pin of the shift lever with a spring clip to hold it in place.

4. The Side-to-Side cable is the higher of the two cables, and it will be mounted onto the horizontal pin of the relay lever with a spring clip to hold it in place.

Section 2: Installing the ECS 5-Speed Adjustable Short Shifter

• Remove the relay lever clip, then slide the relay lever out of its pivot so it disengages from the shift lever.
• Remove the Front-to-Back Cable clip and remove the cable from the shift lever.
• Remove the 13mm nut from the shift lever, then pull upward on it to disengage it from the splined selector shaft. If it is especially stuck, a puller may be required in order to remove it.

• Once you decide what shift throw and weight you want, assemble the ECS 5-Speed Adjustable Short Shifter.
• Install the shift pin and the lock washer into the shift lever, tighten the pin with a 13mm wrench.
• Select the correct length bolts to fasten the number of weights you have selected to the shift lever, use a 3mm allen wrench to tighten them (ensure that the bolts do not extend beyond the bottom of the weight bracket).

• Observe the wide space in the splines of both the short shifter assembly as well as the selector shaft on the transmission. These wide splines MUST be aligned with one another when installing the shifter into position.

• Install the short shifter assembly onto the selector shaft and torque the 13mm nut to 15 ft-lbs.
• Slide the relay lever back into place and install the retaining clip.
• Slide the Front-to-Back cable into place on the shift lever and install the retaining clip.

Section 3: Adjusting the Shift Cables

• Unlock both shifter cable ends. Grasp the knurled round end of the cable lock and pull it forward until the spring is completely compressed, then turn it about 1/8 of a turn to the left to lock it into place.
• It is properly locked when you release your grip and the spring remains compressed.

• Locate the selector shaft locking pin in the transmission housing (just beneath the shifter assembly). With the transmission in neutral, push down on the top of the selector shaft until it is approximately in the middle of its travel.
• Push in on the locking pin and gently move the selector shaft up and down until the pin engages the alignment hole in the selector shaft and pushes into the transmission (you may need to turn the locking pin slightly as you push it into the transmission).
• When properly engaged, the pin will stay in place and you will not be able to move the selector shaft.

• Inside the car, gently pry up the shifter boot and lift it over the shift knob, then lift up the insulator underneath the shift boot.

• Insert the VW alignment pin (or similar tool) all the way through the alignment holes in the shifter to lock it.
• Back under the hood, lock both cable ends by turning the knurled ends to the right until they release and the springs are expanded.
• Pull out the locking pin in the transmission housing, pull the alignment pin out of the shifter, and reinstall the shifter insulator and boot.


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