With the import crowd, it seems to be a constant theme to want the most ‘original’ look and style to your vehicle. In the United States, our strict crash-test rating and emissions requirements often force manufacturers to either alter their cars or leave them out of our market completely. This creates an insatiable desire to have the unattainable versions simply to be the most ‘unique’ in our scene. What is even more interesting is the aftermarket community has responded to the collective outcry demanding European-exclusive options be made available to those of us stuck stateside. Bremmen Parts is one such manufacturer who has heard the enthusiasts’ demands and responded with the European MK5 R32 Body Kit for anyone who has a USDM-Spec R32 and wants the arguably more attractive European version.

The American version of the MK5 R32 hints at the style available outside of our market, but for one reason or another, the desire to have the European-exclusive version has encouraged Bremmen Parts to bring us the new kit to transform your MK5 R32 into the Euro-Spec body style for all the scene points. The other difficulty in converting to the Euro-market body is finding all the different pieces that allow the bumper conversion to happen smoothly and correctly. Anyone who has converted between the two markets will tell you there are more than just a few cosmetic differences. That’s where Bremmen comes in. This kit includes everything you need to take your USDM MK5 R32 and completely convert it without hunting down OEM bolts or searching forums for someone looking to trade mounting pieces for a similar conversion overseas.

The complete front and rear kits include every piece necessary to make the swap happen without you needing to do any extra legwork. They also include the European license plate mounting holes, chrome accents, and everything else you would see on a European MK5 R32 for the authentic touch. There are no corners cut or shortcuts taken to bring this kit to your R32 for the full Euro effect. The Bremmen kit is just what you need to transform your MK5 R32 completely so you can stunt on all the plebs who still have the USDM bumpers like a bunch of nerds.