The Audi B7 S4 succeeded the B6 S4 in 2005 with minor mechanical changes and a redesigned exterior. The more contemporary styling, paired with the 4.2-liter V8 engine, made the all-wheel-drive sedan a popular choice amongst business executives and performance enthusiasts alike. While it has become dated as the B8 and B9 have respectively succeeded it, the aftermarket community continues to provide excellent products for those who still rock the B7. Brand new from ECS Tuning, we have two additions that are sure to tickle the fancy of any B7 owner: our Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser and Carbon Fiber Lip Spoiler add a more aggressive element to the B7 S4 styling that subtly hints the decade-old autobahn cruiser still packs a punch.

The diffuser is a perfectly fitted aesthetic improvement designed to accent the existing body lines while adding a hint of sporty flair. The carbon fiber weave gives the rear of your car a transformative feeling and the stubby fins make for a more dynamic look not present on the factory rear bumper. This diffuser is an excellent choice for anyone with a B7 S4 who wants to have one more reason to look back every time they park their car.

To compliment the diffuser, our rear lip spoiler similarly accentuates and amplifies the factory contours of the trunk. Once again, a touch of carbon fiber is all it takes to provide a new theme that makes for a more race-inspired vibe than the original contours offer.

These visual upgrades are some of many still being produced for the B7 S4 that are ensured to give you a new appreciation for your Audi. Grab some carbon fiber and give your car the flair it wants with the race-inspired upgrades from ECS Tuning.