When you install new fuel injectors on your BMW N54 engine, you will need to enter each new injector value into the PCM. Our Schwaben scan tool works perfectly for this function.  We are performing the coding on our 2007 E92 335i, and the procedure will be the same or very similar on most BMW models. Following the procedure outlined below, you will be able to reset those values quickly and easily. Let’s get to work!

1: Switch the ignition on (do not start engine) and plug the scanner into the OBDII port


2: Select “BMW”

3: Select “BMW” again

4: Select “Scan Vin”

5: If the information is correct select “ok”

6: Select “Service”


7: Select “Drive”

8: Select “Motor Electronics”


9: Select “Adjustment Programs”

10: Select “Adjust Injector”

11: Read through the next few pages by selecting “Ok”

12: Select wether a new DME was installed


13: Select “Ok”

14: Select option 1

15: Using the keyboard enter what cylinder for which you would like to enter a new value


16: Using the keyboard enter in the new value for the injector.

Note that the code will be printed on the injector

 17: If you wish to enter more values select “yes” and follow steps 15-16, If not select “no” 

 18: Select “option 2” to save the new values 

19: Select “yes”

20: Select “ok” and switch off terminal 15 and terminal R

Terminal R is Key in ignition

Terminal 15 is ignition on

 21: Select “ok 

 22: Select “ok” and switch on terminal 15

 23: Click “F1” to end the coding

 24: Your new injectors are now coded to the PCM

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