‘We know the door is open, Audi, we opened it!’ This is something everyone who owns a newer car that dings at you every time you do anything. Fortunately, with our Schwaben Professional VAG scan tool, you can eliminate the chime for ‘open door’ quite easily! Below are the steps to help you take care of that nuisance once and for all.

1: Switch the ignition on (do not start engine) and plug the scanner into the OBDII port

2: Select “VAG”

3: Select “Audi”

4: Select “Systems”

5: Select “Control Unit”

6: Select “Electronics 1”

7: Select “17-Instruments” 

8: Select “Coding”

9: Write down the original values before attempting to change anything

10: Select “Software Coding”

11: Select “OK”

12: Select “Keyboard”

13: To disable the door chime (for B7 models only) go to the next step

     To disable seat belt chime go to step 16

14: Change the fifth digit from a “2” to a “0″

15: Go to step 17

16: Change the second to last digit to a “0″

17: Select “Finish”

18: Select “Yes”

19: Select “Set complete”

20: Select “Save”

Note: This will change change your clock, mileage, and date from american to European to change it back double click the reset button on the wiper stalk and scroll through the menu to change it back

21:Enjoy opening your door with out hearing a chime

Interested in Purchasing?

The Schwaben Professional Scan Tool for your Audi gives you complete control over all systems and functions of your car while enabling you the coding and reading ability normally exclusive to dedicated facilities.