Few factors came into play when selecting my next vehicle:
1. After my brother purchased his 2013 Mitsubishi EVO, I saw the benefit of having a turbocharged car. At the time, I was driving a Lexus LS400 with a V8. That project had me take out and remove all the restrictions and constraints Toyota put on the car to unlock the beefy V8 that should have gotten more attention than media and tuners showed it. So owning a turbocharged car was something I wanted to venture over too. 2. Going European for the first time: Growing up I was surrounded by my Uncle’s taste in American Muscle. I still have a love towards the late 70’s til the early 80’s Muscle car however, my own cars have been JDMs. Owning a European car was something I’ve always wanted so I thought it was time. 3. Station Wagon: Many of us can recall going on those long drives with the family in a Station Wagon. I’m also a homeowner and live an active beach life (hey it’s Florida) so getting a Station Wagon started to make more sense from a practical point of view. The other aspect is owning a Station Wagon that could be tuned to dismantle Mustangs was another factor. So when you combine all three elements and doing a little research I targeted the Audi B7 Avant.
After some searching around, I was finally able to locate one in Orlando, so I drove almost two hours to pick her up. What was interesting is the salesperson was kinda shocked that this was the Audi I wanted. Station Wagon?? Thus began my quest to make Station Wagons the new IT.

Modifications List

1. Borla  Cat Back Exhaust Model 1401000
2. K&N Drop in Air Filter
3. Cat Delete Pipe
4. Forge Blow Off Spacer
5. Meyle Cross/Slott Rotors Front and Meyle Non Slotted in the back + EBS Green Stuff Pads + ECS Steel Brake Lines
6. APR ECU Reprogram
7. APR Snub Mounts
8.ECS Ultimate Timing Kit with Silver Pulley
9. ECS Mag Drain Plugs Oil and Rear Diff
10. ECS smoked Side Markers
11. Audi S4 steering Wheel and making Black shift knob (eBay)
12. JOM Blue Line Coilover
13. Rims off a 2014 Audi A4 ( had to get ECS Hub Center Adapter for that) – Plasti Dipped in Black
14. Schwaben Floor mats
15. ECS Billet Oil Housing Filter
16. Ziza License Plate LED Lights
17. ECS Tuning Decals