I wanted to do simple and functional, that would break my neck every I left it. Of course, the first thing I purchased for the S4 was ST Coilovers, to get the perfect ride height. Along with the purchase of the coilovers, came the RS4 grille with Matte Aluminum surround to give the front end a more aggressive look and the Roc Euro intake to hear the supercharge wine. It didn’t take me long to get wheels! A week after purchase, the new Avant Garde M590’s in Satin Silver 19×9.5 et 40 came in to give the S4 in my opinion a simple, yet classy look. 1 year later, I wanted to make the front end more aggressive. So I purchased a Carbon Fiber DTM Lip to add to the front end. Then I wanted to make the car sound like a racecar (because racecar) and purchased a GMG World Challenge Racing Exhaust and paired that with AWE Non-Resonated downpipes. Ended up removing the center muffler and doing a custom straight pipe to the exhaust for more aggressive tone. Over the winter, I wanted to get a wheel setup that would look good for shows and purchased Avant Garde F520 3pc wheels in 20x10et 35 all around w/ Brush Copper face and 2.5″ polished step lip. Overall after I was done, I was satisfied with how the S4 turned out! Something that was simple and classy, but also looked mean and aggressive.


Modifications List

  • ST Coilovers
  • RS4 Grille
  • Roc Euro Intake
  • DTM Carbon Fiber Lip
  • GMG Racing World Challenge Exhaust (modified with a custom straight pipe)
  • AWE Tuning Non-Res Down pipes
  • Avant Garde M590’s 19×9.5 et40 Satin Silver
  • Avant Garde F520 20×10 et 35 Brush Copper face and 2.5″ polished step lip