For this installation, we will use:

  • Small needlenose pliers
  • 1⁄4” tip flat head screwdriver
  • 90° pick (Small flat head screwdriver would work)
  • Mechanics’ wire
  • Dental floss


Step 1:

With the hood of the car open, locate the detent clip on the end of the factory hood pull.

Now, with your 90° pick, pull up on the forward-facing edge of the clip until it pops upward. It will be removed in our next step.

Step 2:

Insert the at head screwdriver in between the prongs of your factory hood pull, and gently twist sideways so as to spread the prongs around the pin holding it in place.

Our method of choice is to open it just enough to get one side o the pin at a time. Once the pin is removed, remove factory hood pull by pulling it straight out.


Step 3:

Insert the ECS Tuning Hood Pull and align the holes with the hole on the latch mechanism.

Step 4:

Thread a small length of dental floss through the clevis pin.
At the end of the dental floss, tie a short piece of mechanics’ wire.

Step 5:

Feed the mechanics wire and dental floss through the holes in the ECS Tuning Hood Pull and the latch mechanism. Then pull the pin through the holes.

Step 6:

Using needlenose pliers, pick up the reusable cotter pin (hairpin) and insert it through the hole on the clevis pin that the dental floss is currently threaded through, then remove dental floss.

Your ECS Tuning Billet Aluminum Hood Pull installation is complete!

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