New ECS Performance Upgrades 2022

If two massive snowfalls weren’t enough to make you desperate for warm weather and longer days, the realization that car season is only a few weeks away for most of us sure is. We’re already itching to get back to working on our cars in some comfortable temperatures, which means now is the time we’re [...]

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Snow Tires? Snow Problem!

Hey, you, with the all-seasons on your daily-driven car. How’d you fare in the snowpocalypse this past week? Not great? Yeah, we feel you. Why didn’t you get ahead of that weather with some tires designed to handle snow, ice, and wintery slush? You could have been out there having a great time, Quattro or [...]

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Best Early Black Friday Car Parts Deals + Spin To Win Sweepstakes!

Being an adult around the holidays is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’re responsible for your gifts, which means Santa won’t bring anything you haven’t had to foot the bill for. On the other hand, who says you have to wait until Christmas morning to open those boxes of parts and tools you [...]

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OBDEleven: Car Customizations for Every Driver 

Modern VWs and Audis use numerous computer modules and sensors to accurately control performance, features, and efficiency. All internal failures are reflected on the dashboard, but the Check Engine Light and various warning lights only tell you so much. How do you know what is exactly wrong with your car?  Automotive software that communicates with [...]

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Veteran’s Day: Honoring Our Service Members and Giving Back

Veteran’s Day is about remembering those who have served in our armed forces and sacrificed for our freedoms here. The veterans of our Armed Forces are heroes who we are eternally grateful for. This year, in observation of this holiday and as a way to give back to a cause that supports our veterans, we’ve [...]

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Winter Driving Do’s and Don’ts: Seasonal Maintenance and Suggestions for Safe Winter Commutes

Pre-Season Maintenance & Checklist We’ve been fortunate to have a long summer this year, but winter is indeed closing on us quickly. You should have already budgeted for and planned to do at least the basic winter maintenance. Heck, you may already be in progress or finished with everything for your winter daily by now. [...]

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