Automotive enthusiasts love aggressive exhaust notes like fat kids love cake; it’s just a fact. While full stainless steel exhausts sound incredible and are definitely worth it, folks just looking for a little more growl out of their B9 A4 should choose our brand new ECS Stainless Steel 3” Down Pipe. The cost savings and benefits of our Down Pipe will make your B9 A4 louder, more enjoyable, and best of all, is compatible with all stock components!

The B9 A4 doesn’t have the most audible exhaust, but the 2.0T engine has potential to sound fantastic without massive changes. Our 3” downpipe is a lighter section than what it replaces and provides a throatier exhaust note that will satisfy any enthusiast’s noise cravings. Since the non-resonated downpipe is set up to mate with the factory components, it will fit with the factory catalytic converter to maintain emissions compliance.

Despite needing to work with factory exhaust pieces, our downpipe is still the largest possible diameter for a substantial rate of flow increase. With the larger diameter and better flow, you can expect reduced turbo spool time for more immediate power delivery that makes this piece more than just a fun increase in volume from your B9 A4. The ECS Down pipe does not affect the emissions and will not cause a check engine light, which means you get to enjoy the sound of your 2.0T engine without consequences.

The ECS Downpipe for your B9 A4 provides the improved exhaust flow and sound that are sure to leave you warm and fuzzy, while the savings compared to a full exhaust system will keep your wallet (or significant other) happy, too. Make sure your B9 A4 build includes this downpipe for either a better than stock sound and flow, or to complete your full exhaust for the best possible rumbles from your Audi!


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