In 2001, Black Forest Industries was founded to provide Audi and VW parts to the growing European Tuning Community in America. Their unique, high-quality, performance parts are designed to improve both the aesthetics and driving experience of your Audi or VW and are renowned for their exceptional shift knobs available for nearly all European makes. Black Forest Industries brings a dedicated passion to the table for Audi and VW performance that is evident in their products as well as their success.

BFI is most well known for their shift knobs, which offer a tactile and pleasurable driving feel and are available in numerous styles and colors. Their weighted knobs are as attractive as they are rewarding to run through the gears with, which explains their extreme popularity. The BFI knobs are offered in Alcantara, leather, and bare billet with anodized coatings. Their supreme quality knobs are durable and incredibly popular thanks to their looks, feel, and range of available options based on your preference.

While they are most widely recognized for their shift knobs, BFI also offers engine and drivetrain upgrades, like their performance engine mounts, transmission mounts, and upgraded clutch kits for your VW or Audi. Improving the rigidity and decreasing the amount of deflection in your car is a quick way to ensure total power delivery to your wheels, which in turn improves the overall driving experience. BFI put the same level of dedication into developing the best in performance components as they did into their aesthetic upgrades in order to provide your car with the best available upgrades.

Check out Black Forest Industries’ full lineup of performance and visual upgrades to improve your Audi or VW. With drivetrain, suspension, and visual improvements from BFI, your Audi or VW will display the colors of a true enthusiast discerning enough to understand a mutual appreciation for their vehicle from the parts companies supplying upgrades. Add a BFI shift knob or drivetrain upgrade to your car for a fun, dependable, engaging improvement to your daily driver, weekend warrior, or track car!

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