Part of what makes our car hobbies fascinating is the dynamic nature of cars themselves. New models are released constantly that feature developments in technology to provide more features and increased power, as well as arguably more attractive styling. Thanks to the rapidly expanding catalog of performance vehicles, we are always busy finding ways to improve upon the original designs. Sometimes, we make extensive changes strictly for performance gains, other times we focus on the little aspects that make our favorite cars more appealing to us. Recently, we have released a few new products that offer performance benefits and some that offer those minute changes to make a major statement for your Audi or Volkswagen.

Initially, we built the ECS Tuning name on a few products that we offered to remedy issues and improve drivability in the MK4 GTI. Now, we cover the range of European vehicles with myriad options to make your car distinctly your own. Our new products today are the Vacuum Operated Exhaust Cutouts, Supertone  Horns, MK7 Turbo Inlet Pipe, Audi B9 Carbon Fiber Antenna Cover, and the B8/B9 Street Shield Transmission Tunnel Brace set.

Universal Products:

Vacuum Operated Exhaust Cutouts

Exhaust systems on cars are designed to be quiet and to reduce harmful pollutants emitted by internal combustion engines. If you have a car that is twenty-five years old or more, an easy option for performance is straight piping your car since those regulations do not apply to your vehicle, except in California. For everyone else, the least restriction you can have while legally passing emissions checks is limited to high-flow catalytic converters and street exhaust piping. Except that isn’t exactly the case. With the touch of a button, you can turn your mild-mannered exhaust into the screaming and unrestricted dump tube you want.

The vacuum operated exhaust cutout installs wherever you want to divert your exhaust depending on how much you love or hate the emissions regulations in place. With a vacuum tap, you can open the cutout from your cabin to redirect expelled gasses to an open tube that bypasses the restrictive parts of your factory or aftermarket street exhaust for the highest rate of flow possible. Since you can easily flick it back closed, this is the perfect modification to have loud noises and performance when you want, and respectful silence when you need it. These cutouts work with nearly any car and nearly any exhaust, just make sure you measure for fitment before you clamp it in place!


Turbo Inlet

The newest GTI generation, the MK7, has quickly taken its place as a staple in the tuning community. This should come as no surprise to Volkswagen enthusiasts, as the GTI essentially wrote the book on hot hatchback performance and car enthusiasm within reach to the everyman. The MK7 GTI follows in the footsteps of its predecessors until boost kicks in and it blows their doors off with a pop and crackle from the turbocharged 2-liter engine. Coming soon, we have developed a brand new Turbo Inlet designed with the MK7 GTI’s performance in mind. This inlet will help improve airflow to the turbocharger for increased mid-range horsepower output and noisier spools. If you are in the process of building your MK7 GTI for more power, this inlet is a fantastic addition to your next parts list.


Nothing is more annoying than someone cutting you off in traffic or texting at a green light oblivious to the line of cars behind them waiting to proceed through the intersection. While we cannot condone the use of our products for malicious and vindictive purposes, we can tell you that louder horns designed to wake the dead may have more than a few benefits. Supertone Horns, with which you may or may not be familiar, have been popularized by JDM cars. Since their introduction to the tuning world, many other car communities have adopted them for both their appearance behind the grilles as well as the functionality of having a loud button that can’t be ignored. Some may say they are obnoxious, but if you want to be positive people know you are there when they start merging on top of you, these are the best way to provide additional protection against distracted drivers: especially when it scares them out of their skin. Hopefully, their reactions will be to drop their phones, makeup, or breakfast on their lap and keep their eyes on the road ahead.

Audi B8/B9

Carbon Fiber Antenna Cover

Ok, we know this isn’t absolutely breaking any molds or taking the internet by storm, but our Carbon Fiber Antenna Covers for your Audi B8 A4, S4, A5, and S5 are still a quirky little addition to any build. When it comes to cars in the ‘scene,’ aesthetic cohesiveness is the name of the game. Carbon fiber additions, replacements, and exterior components are all the rage thanks to their distinct style associated with motorsports. If your build includes any carbon splitters, spoilers, diffusers, and under hood bits, why not continue that theme in all the tasteful spots you can? This antenna cover is the perfect subtle touch you need to complete a look or become your springboard for developing a complete visual overhaul of your Audi.

Street Shield Transmission Tunnel Brace

Lowered cars often suffer on rough roads, over railroad tracks, and jarring bridge connections everywhere. Skid plates offer greater protection for fragile underbody components, like your exhaust, transmission, oil pan, steering rack, and other expensive parts that would ordinarily be damaged by poor road conditions. Our Street Shield line provides tons of benefits, chiefly their sturdy construction, and fit just like factory splash guards. The Tunnel Shield and Brace give you additional protection further down your driveline to prevent any excessive damage from incurring on your exhaust, transmission, and driveshaft while they also increase the rigidity of the transmission tunnel with our sturdy brace. If your car is lowered, or especially slammed, we would encourage you to prevent catastrophic encounters with road hazards by fitting your Audi with the new Street Shield Tunnel Brace.

These upgrades are just a few of the most recent parts we have to offer for the constantly growing and evolving Euro car community. Our developments offer improvements and desirable visual enhancement to set your car apart and give you additional excitement on the road. Whether it is something as small as a subtle exterior visual modification, or something strictly functional to increase your underbody protection, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible parts to make your build exactly what you want. Stay tuned as we constantly release new products and add more vendors with similar missions as our own to bring you the best in aftermarket performance modifications from around the world.