Modifying your car doesn’t always have to be a six-hour project that leaves you filthy and bloodies your knuckles. Sometimes, it’s just a simple little change that makes you smile and that’s all it needs to be. We have a sense of humor here and we think most people that upgrade their cars share a similar one. That’s why we’ve come out with something quick and fun that offers instant gratification: our new Billet Power Port Plugs that are sure to make you chuckle every time you see them!

Sure, it’s just a little gimmick. They don’t do anything more than look quirky and provide a bit of bright fun to your interior. In fact, they block the 12v power outlet, so they effectively take away a function of your car and replace it with a little joke. But who uses their 12v power outlet anyway? Smoking is gross, especially in a car. No one has a GPS unit, bluetooth adapter, or 12v to USB power converter since our cars all come with those functions elsewhere. So why not replace that ugly hole in your center console with a billet aluminum piece that can match your other interior beauty upgrades, like our Billet Aluminum Control Rings, Billet Shift Knobs, Paddle Shifters, Seat Fold Handles, and more!


We know they’re silly, that’s why we made them and put interesting little pop-culture references on them for you to enjoy. The always popular ‘ejecto seato,’ ‘full send,’ and more are lasered into the billet aluminum plugs for a super fun way to remind you not to take things too seriously. For just a few bucks, that first laugh will make up the cost instantly. Every time you look at it, you can have a bit of a chuckle.

So why not? It goes with your interior, hides an ugly hole in your console, and offers a unique little way to enjoy an otherwise forgotten part of your car. Collect them all if you want to change things up from time to time, or just pick out your favorite. For zero effort you can make a small change for the better.