Product Description:

Part Numbers: ES#: 3176213, ES#: 3183803, ES#: 3245535

If you own a US Spec MK7 Golf R your car is holding back a practical secret that makes everyday driving convenient: …a usable center console! Sent over from Germany to the US shores, the center console lid remained locked into place by way of two internal hex screws that held the lid mechanism shut tight, never to be opened…. until now!

Introducing our in-house designed and engineered ECS Tuning Center Console Access Kit! The design is simple, two injection molded plastic inserts (one on either side) slide between the console lid “legs” and keep the legs from engaging the geared track that rides below it. By keeping the console lid legs off of the geared track the console lid can now open and close with ease, repetitively and dependable.

This kit was engineered to allow an extremely solid and reliable “unlocking” method to raise and lower your armrest. This kit DOES NOT provide the ratcheting function or allow the use of the height presets. Many of the DIY fixes fall out or fail over time, and this was designed to be a quick drop in, high quality, fail-safe fix to give you the use of your armrest storage space.

Installation is simple, once the rear console trim and the console lid securing screws are removed our wedge inserts simply slip in between the console lid legs and the geared track. Held into place with our included screws there is never worry of the wedge inserts backing out or popping off. An easy DIY for even the novice and can be completed in under 15 minutes!

Once you’ve unlocked your MK7 Golf R’s center console then you know how wonderful it is to finally have a place for storing your loose items. However, the factory console is very deep and does not provide any organization for loose change, pens or pencils or a flashlight. We quickly discovered this issue after developing our in-house designed and engineered “MK7 Golf R Center Console Access Kit.”

The console tray features four varying size compartments to isolate items from contact and maintains a neat, organized storage solution.

See our DIY and functionality video to learn more!


Key Benefits:

  • Allows the accessibility of the center console storage
  • Great place to store loose change not found anywhere else in the interior
  • Easy to reach items in an otherwise bottomless pit
  • Self-clinging liners on the bottom of the rubber inserts create a firm fit. Liners are easily removed for cleaning and care.
  • Effectively allows repeatable operation and cycling of the center console lid
  • Easy, reversible installation
  • Won’t fail and render the console useless, like many DIY hacks
  • Cost effective solution


  • Custom fit molded plastic base conforms to the exact shape of the OEM Golf R Console
  • Armrest lid closes flush as fitment is not impacted by storage tray
  • Has 3 compartments for change, 2 rectangular compartments for misc. And 1 large compartment for further misc. 
  • Allows easy installation without permanently modifying any OE parts
  • Wedge slips right into the track and is held in place by the included screw and locking tabs
  • Keeps legs OFF the track without worry of part failure and legs falling back down


DIY Installation:


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