034Motorsport is proud to announce the all new X34 Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System for the 1.8T & 2.0T Gen3 engines found in the MKVII VW and 8V Audi models.

034Motorsport’s engineers invested significant effort in developing a comprehensive OEM+ cold air intake system which provides noticeable gains in horsepower and torque over the well-designed factory airbox.

Throughout the development process, multiple designs were modeled, prototyped, and tested, culminating in this elegantly-engineered Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System.

Supplied Parts:

  •  034Motorsport X34 Carbon Fiber MQB Intake for 8V Audi A3/S3 & MK7Volkswagen Golf/GTI/R 1.8T/2.0T Gen 3
  •  034Motorsport 4” High-Flow Conical Air Filter
  • Integrated SAI Adapter Fitting (for Golf, GTI, A3) and Block Off Plate (for Golf R and S3)
  • 2.75” Silicone Coupler and Hose Clamps

Tools Needed:

  • Hands (2) (Opposable thumbs are required!)
  • T25 Torx
  • 4mm Allen
  • 7mm Socket
  • Socket Extension
  • Swivel Joint for Socket
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Torque Wrench



034Motorsport’s X34 Cold Air Intake System was engineered to create a performance replacement that reduces pressure drop in the intake tract while offering OEM+ fit and finish. The result provides substantial power gains from a one-piece carbon fiber unit that bolts directly onto the factory lower air box.

Installation of this upgrade is a straightforward process that will take approximately one hour to complete.


Step 1:

Allow engine to sufficiently cool before tackling installation, and be sure to open the hood for easy access to the intake. Make sure you have all tools necessary for installation of the MQB X34 Intake System.

Step 2:

Using the T25 Torx bit, loosen and remove all 8 screws securing the upper airbox to the lower airbox.

Step 3:

Remove the breather hose from the front left side of the factory airbox.

Step 4:

Using a 7mm socket, loosen the hose clamp securing the inlet tube to the turbo.

Step 5:

The airbox should now be completely free. Lift up and away to remove the upper airbox and factory inlet tube from the engine bay.

Step 6:

With the upper airbox removed, lift the factory panel air filter from the lower air box.

Step 7:

Remove the air baffle from the factory lower airbox. Note: This piece has tight tolerances within the airbox, and will take some wiggling and coaxing to remove. This baffle will not be used when installing the 034 Cold Air Intake.

Step 8:

Admire the simplicity and beauty in the one-piece 034Motorsport Carbon Fiber Intake compared to the corrugated plastic factory airbox and intake tube.

Step 9:

The 034Motorsport MQB Carbon Fiber Intake System includes a provision for the airbox-mounted secondary air injection fitted on Golf, GTI, and A3. For those with a Golf R or S3, a block-off plate is provided in the kit to seal the airbox and create an air-tight intake tract.

Step 10:

For Golf, GTI, and A3 owners, mount the SAI provision on the side of the airbox using the provided fitting and allen bolt. Torque bolt to 4 Nm using a 4mm Allen key.

Step 11:

For Golf R and S3 owners, install the provided block-off plate on the side of the airbox using the supplied allen bolt. Torque bolt to 4 Nm using a 4mm Allen key.

Step 12:

Pre-install the 2.75” silicone coupler to the intake tube using the supplied hose clamps. Using a Flathead Screwdriver, tighten the clamp securing the silicone to the carbon fiber inlet tube (highlighted by yellow arrow), and leave the other loose to fit around the turbo inlet when installing.

Step 13:

Install 034Motorsport 4” High-Flow Conical Air Filter to inlet tube in airbox using supplied hose clamp and Flathead Screwdriver. Note: Be sure filter is seated and fully secured on inlet tube.

Step 14:

Once the air filter and silicone coupler are secured to the carbon fiber air box, place unit on top of factory lower air box and align inlet tube with turbo inlet. Tighten and secure hose clamp from silicone coupler to turbo inlet using a Flathead Screwdriver.

Step 15:

Install 6 of the 8 factory Torx screws and rubber washers to secure the 034Motorsport intake to the factory lower air box. Torque screws to 4 Nm with a T25 Torx.

Step 16:

Install the factory vent hose to the nipple fitting on the left side of the 034Motorsport Cold Air Intake.

Step 17:

Take a step back, and admire the improved look of your engine bay with your new 034Motorsport X34 Carbon Fiber Intake System!

Step 18:

Take one more look for good measure. Now close the hood, then go out and enjoy the increased performance!

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X34 Carbon Fiber MQB Cold Air Intake System

One-piece design for optimal flow with high-quality carbon fiber construction