Upgrade your exterior styling with the ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler. This trunk spoiler was engineered in-house and designed to replicate the factory spoiler to offer an OEM fit that matches the curves of the B8 RS5. The spoiler is crafted of high-quality hand laid carbon fiber to achieve it’s world class appearance and durability and provides a subtle yet sporty style that’s sure to set your vehicle apart from the rest.

Installs with no drilling, cutting, or modification of any kind. For help with installation please review our detailed PDF regarding placement of the spacers to make sure your new carbon fiber spoiler is properly secured and sitting flush.

Part Number: ES#3194697


Step 1:

Remove the four T30 Torx screws which secure the original trunk spoiler to the vehicle.

NOTE: ES#3103367 works great for removing these difficult to reach screws.

Step 2:

Install the foam spacers onto the bottom of the new carbon fiber trunk spoiler (highlighted with GREEN masking tape in the photos below).

NOTE: The short length foam spacers go in the front and rear channels of the trunk spoiler, they are designed to isolate the spoiler from the paint on the vehicle. The thicker of these two spacers goes in the FRONT, and the thinner of these spacers goes in the REAR. (Fig: 1.1)

• Refer to Fig: 1.2 for a more detailed photo on the positioning of the front and rear foam spacers.

• Refer to Fig: 1.3 for a more detailed photo on the positioning of the side foam spacers.

Installing and Aligning the CF Trunk Spoiler

• Position the new CF trunk spoiler onto the brackets on the trunk.

• The trunk spoiler kit includes 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm thick aluminum spacers, these spacers are meant to act as shims between the trunk spoiler and the brackets.

• Install the CF trunk spoiler onto the brackets with the shims (Fig: 2.1), it may take some trial and error but the end result will be a trunk spoiler which sits flush with the trunk when in the lowered position.

NOTE: It is best to start with the thickest spacers and work your way down.

NOTE: The illustration below depicts the INSIDE face of the trunk spoiler bracket, meaning that it represents what would be seen from the center of the trunk, looking toward the side of the vehicle.

Step 2:

• Experiment with the aluminum spacers until the CF trunk spoiler sits flush front-to-back (Fig: 2.2), and side to side (Fig: 2.3).