On Audi B8 models, you can program the front fog lamps to illuminate in the direction which you are turning. This can be done with our with our Schwaben professional scan tool you can enable this. We are performing this on our 2011 Audi B8 A4, and the procedure will be the same or very similar on most Audi B8 and B8.5 models.

Note: this will only work with the head lights turned on. 


1: Switch the ignition on (do not start engine) and plug the scanner into the OBDII port

2: Select “VAG”

3: Select “Audi”

4: Select “Systems”


5: Select “Control Unit”

6: Select “Common”


7: Select “Cent. Elect.” 


8: Select “Long Coding”

9: Write down the original values before attempting to change anything

10: Select “Software Coding”

11: Select “Setting”


12: Using the keyboard change the 10th number from a 6 to a 7


13: Select “Finish”

14: Select “Yes”

15: Select “Done”

16: Select “Set Complete”

17: Select “Ok”

18: Enjoy seeing your corners while turning at night!

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The Schwaben Professional VAG Scan Tool gives you the ability to scan, read codes, and customize your VW or Audi with the same precision and quality as a professional garage.