In order to change the rear brake pads on the newer VWs and Audis with electronic parking brakes the internal parking brake mechanism must be retracted. With our Schwaben professional scan tool you can retract the rear calipers with out damaging them. We are performing this on our 2011 Audi B8 A4, and the procedure will be the same or very similar on most VAG models with electronic parking 

Note: Procedure may vary form model to model

Applies to:

B8 and B8.5 Models

C6 and C7 Models

Q3, Q5, and 4L Q7 Models

8v Models

D3 Models

CC Models

B6 Passat Models

MK7 Golf R and E-golf

VW Tiguan 

1: Switch the ignition on (do not start engine) and plug the scanner into the OBDII port

2: Select “VAG”

3: Select “Audi”

4: Select “Common Special Functions”

5: Select “Electronic Parking Brake(EPB)”

6: If you are not working on a Audi A8 then select “no”

7: Release the parking brake then select “ok” 

8: Select “Open Parking Brake”

9: Select “Start”

10: Press the “Back” button

11: Install the new brake pads

12: Repeat steps up until step 7

13: Select “Close Parking Brake”

14: Select “Start”

15: Click the “Back” button

16: Select “Parking Brake Test”

17: Select “Start”

18: Wait till the test is done

19: Parking brake procedure is now complete

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