Patrick’s Avant was a top contender in our 2016 Virtual Car Show. His approach with this car was to build a perfect daily driver, however, his Avant turns heads with a clean appearance.

Patrick’s Story:

I’ve had my B7 for three years now. I bought it from a friend in Boston who had already done some great work (most notably the paint), and so it was the perfect starting point. My approach with the car has always been to build the perfect daily driver, which I think the B7 is really an ideal platform for. The car has had a lot of work done, all of it with this goal in mind: make the car as fun to drive every single day, without sacrificing reliability. Despite the amount of work the car has had done, the aesthetic approach I would consider to be pretty reserved. A lot of the parts are OEM parts from premium or newer vehicles; my modifications tend to be more subtle in approach, chosen because they contribute to my overall theme, rather than for the sake of adding parts.

Modification List:


  • Grigio Medio paint
  • Cupra R front lip
  • Relak FRP Side Skirts
  • OEM RS4 grill
  • Matte black painted roof rails
  • Matte black painted window trim
  • Joey modded headlights w/ amber DRL
  • Whispbar cross bars
  • Whispbar fork-mount bike rack
  • Panzer skid plate
  • S4 rear valence


  • B6/7 S4 panda Recaros
  • S4 black interior (headliner, upper trim pieces)
  • B8.5 RS4 flat bottom steering wheel
  • Carbon fiber style vinyl wrapped trim
  • SportShifters shift assembly
  • Orange LED interior lighting
  • Podi boost gauge
  • OEM RNS-E-navigation system
  • Custom AUX input


  • JHM Stage 2+ tune
  • JHM HPFP upgrade
  • SRM side mount intercoolers
  • BSH catch can
  • Stratmosphere quad tip exhaust w/ test pipe
  • Techtonics Tuning Downpipe
  • ECS Kohlelaser Luft-Technik Intake


  • B7 S4 front brakes
  • Hawk drilled and slotted rotors / Hawk Ceramic pads all around
  • BC coilovers with 16kg F / 14kg R springs
  • RS4 rear sway bar
  • Fifteen52 Tarmac 18×9.5 et40
  • Continental DW 235/40
  • Ringer Racing stud conversion (14 mm -> 12 mm)
  • Muteki orange lug nuts