The past year of uncertainty and hardship has been in some ways a positive experience for us. It has motivated us to work harder than ever to continue offering the parts and upgrades you all want with a dedication to improve daily. While some of that has come from right here inside ECS Tuning, much of what we’ve been up to has centered around partnering with some of the best names in the business to bring you the unparalleled catalog we’re incredibly proud to offer. This week, we’re excited to announce one of our newest partnerships and welcome the long-awaited addition of Unitronic to the ECS Tuning network!

Photo by John Owens – Apex Driving Events

If you’re a VW/Audi enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with the name if not already a fan of their work. Unitronic offers some of the highest-quality performance software and hardware for VW/Audi platforms designed by their in-house research and development team. More than just their hard parts and digital software, though, Unitronic represents something we hold incredibly important here at ECS: an enthusiast-centric foundation. 

Anyone can establish a business in a specific market to generate more revenue than their operation costs. It’s rare, however, to find a company that both thrives as a business and retains its enthusiast core. When you have that pairing, a professional business that is determined to deliver quality and driven by people in the building who are both employees and customers, the product reflects that unique combination. Not only that, but the product is often much higher quality, better performing, and more desirable than alternatives that are produced simply to fill a need and turn a profit. Unitronic, as a company of VW/Audi enthusiasts, represents what it means to be a die-hard staple of this community as is demonstrated by their exceptional performance software and companion hardware upgrades. 

Unitronic’s success in the aftermarket performance scene is thanks to a focus on three pillars: quality, performance, and reliability. Their software and hardware are designed in-house by their expert team of engineers with industry-leading equipment and programs. Their passion is demonstrated in their thorough approach to testing and development which results in extremely high standards of quality for each of their products. Everything should and does feel like a VW or Audi owner would expect from their vehicle, not an add-on or afterthought. 

From that quality comes the maximum performance possible. Their comprehensive testing and development process produces performance software and hardware upgrades that are maximized for efficiency and output so you can experience the highest degree of potential from your VW or Audi. This ensures your driving experience matches your expectations of how your VW/Audi should feel through the gears on the street or track. 

Finally, it’s equally critical that their performance products not only offer their maximum power benefits but do so reliably. Their focus on achieving these performance results safely and effectively gives enthusiasts the peace of mind that they aren’t sacrificing their car’s longevity or dependability in the name of speed and power. According to Unitronic, they produce these parts and deliver them the way they would buy them as enthusiast customers themselves. If you can’t find it on their cars, you won’t find it from Unitronic. 

It’s this driven focus, this passion for the community, that makes us proud to now offer Unitronic to our lovely audience of enthusiasts. Our partnership will provide exceptional software and hardware upgrades to Audi and VW owners around the world who share a passion for the values both Unitronic and ECS hold in the highest regard. More than that, though, our relationship has taken a few steps past a simple business partnership. We’re pleased to show you for the first time our joint venture with Unitronic to enter the world of competitive racing. That’s right; we’re helping to support the Unitronic JDC-Miller MotorSports team with their Audi TCR. 

Photo by John Owens – Apex Driving Events

As you read this, we’re at Mid-Ohio together watching the first race of our joint venture. Here, we’re cheering on our new friends as we compete against some of the biggest names in racing at the highest levels of motorsport. We are excited to see our names together as they blister around Mid-Ohio and to finally offer you, our loyal enthusiast community, access to one of the best names in performance software and hardware for VW/Audi platforms. So, join us in welcoming Unitronic to the ECS network, follow along as we dive into the remaining 2021 season of motorsports, and look forward to a future on the track with us as we take on some of the toughest competition in North American motorsport.